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jDownloads for Joomla! jDownloads for Joomla! 3.2 HOT

Created 2014-04-17
Changed 2023-05-06
Version 3.2.69
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jDownloads 3.2.69 for Joomla 3.x. The jDownloads 3.2 series should be only your choice when you use older third-party extension which are still not compatible to the newest jDownloads series 3.9.x

If you just want to see the latest jDownloads enhancements then click here.

Important: The file size of the installation package is greater than 2MB, so make sure that your server settings for upload_max_filesize and post_max_size are greater than 2MB. You can only use modules or plugins that are compatible with this new jDownloads version. See the summary hints below.

  • English and German languages are included. Progress with other languages is being made in parallel by the translators using Many additional languages may be download directly from here. Because of the numerous enhancements in the jDownloads 3.2 series, the older version language files are incompatible. Please do not attempt to use the previous language files. If you have an urgent need for a particular language then why not offer to help with the translation?
  • Data import from the previous jD1.9 series is included. Please read the instructions. Successfully tested with more then 2500 Downloads in 60 categories (duration ca. 80 seconds).
  • The jDownloads 3.2 series fully supports the ACL (Access Control List) in Joomla 3.2. So the old special jDownloads user groups are redundant and have been removed. Read the ACL notes here.
  • The Joomla multi language functionality is now also supported. To do this completely then you must include  some language specific text in a few fields in the configuration.
  • jDownloads has user customisable layouts to give maximum flexiblity.
  • Alphauserpoint support is included and you can easy install the special jDownloads rules for Alphauserpoint with the 'Auto detect new rules' function in the Alphauserpoint control panel. Five jDownloads special rules are included.

Please post problems with this version in the forum but before you do it is strongly suggested you first check the documentation for a solution. And of course before posting a new issue it would help if you searched the forum to see if anyone else has reported the problem.


  1. You can only use modules, plugins or translations that are compatible with this jDownloads version.
  2. All extensions that are ready for this series are included the installation package and will be installed automatically.
  3. These are currently:
    1. jDownloads System Plugin
    2. jDownloads Search Plugin
    3. jDownloads Content Plugin
    4. jDownloads Editor Button for Content Plugin
    5. jDownloads Top Module 
    6. jDownloads Latest Module
    7. jDownloadsLast Updated Module
    8. jDownloads Tree Module
    9. jDownloads Related Module
    10. jDownloads Stats Module
    11. jDownloads Admin Stats Module (for the control panel position in the backend)
    12. jDownloads Most Recently Downloaded Module
    13. jDownloads Rated Module
    14. jDownloads Featured Module
  4. You will find Additional extensions in a specific download category as they become available.
  5. English and German Languages are included.
  6. AlphaUserPoints use is supported (5 special rules are included).
  7. Joomla! ACL is supported.
  8. Multilanguage functionality is supported.
  9. JomComment functionality is supported.
  10. FaLang is supported in this version.

 Update History  (click here to go direct to details of  the latest version)

Update 2014-04-29 Version 3.2.2 Beta published:

  • it is now only possible to publish categories when the corresponding folder exists
  • all three images are now correctly imported when you update from an older 1.9.x version
  • the date is now correctly displayed in the logs
  • the default 'target category' in the 'create download' form is now correctly used when it was selected in a menu item
  • small css corrections for jcomments integration
  • a few missing mime types added for download function
  • the 'direct download' option should now work correctly
  • small fix in admin language files
  • german language files updated (are still in translation work and not complete yet)
  • when a layout with checkboxes from the 'files' Layout set is selected and the frontend view selected is 'All Categories', then the list of categories is now displayed correctly

Update 2014-05-05 Version 3.2.3 Beta published:

  • the 'batch' function to copy/move categories has been reworked
  • MySQL query fix - to check user action in logs
  • german language files updated (are still in translation work and not yet complete for backend)
  • now uses the highest permission for members who are assigned to multi user groups (in jD User Groups Settings)
  • the deprecated ereg() function has been removed
  • some browser title tags were not created correctly
  • small css fix for users who have installed a Rocket Theme template (with Gantry framework)

Update 2014-05-11 Version 3.2.4 Beta published:

  • the 'search' function now searches in both the long and the short 'custom' text fields
  • corrected 'sort order' for the categories list in the frontend (selected in configuration or menu settings)
  • the thumbnail creation function now supports transparent backgrounds for png images
  • 'nofollow' tag added for links to external license information
  • the 'captcha' is now displayed correctlywhen you have activated the 'remove empty html tags' option
  • some div classes have been changed in the frontend to minimise problems with special templates
  • a missing closing div tag added in the default category layout (must be added manually in earlier installations)
  • small corrections in language files

Update 2014-05-13 Version 3.2.5 Beta published:

  • the installation now works when the database tables have a prefix with uppercase characters
  • the 'save as copy' function now works correctly with single quotes in the Downloads title
  • small fix in the user rule: 'how often can a user download the same file daily'
  • the download buttons in the view 'All Downloads' are now displayed correctly
  • the user rules are read correctly from database
  • some bug fixes in the frontend creation/editing function
  • small correction in search results list

Update 2014-06-04 Version 3.2.6 Beta published:

  • the 'Top' module was added to the installation package the 'Latest' module was added to the installation package
  • the 'Last Updated Files' module was added to the installation package
  • the menu 'Itemid' value is now correct
  • some corrections for the categories 'batch' function
  • a problem with the picture select boxes in the configuration is fixed
  • file icon for MP4 files added
  • some mime types added
  • css class corrections for frontend and backend
  • small corrections in the language files

Update 2014-06-23 Version 3.2.7 Beta published:

  • the  last update new added module will be now also then installed, when it is not a complete new jDownloads installation
  • some bugs fixed in the 'auto monitoring' function
  • bug fixed in configuration select fields for 'pictures'
  • bugs fixed in the 'mass download' function
  • the option 'send download not over PHP script' should now work
  • 'creation date' was viewed instead 'modified date' in downloads details
  • the displayed 'breadcrumb' in the downloads details page should now be correct
  • small css fix

Update 2014-07-01 Version 3.2.8 Beta published: changelog will be published later here

Update 2014-07-12 Version 3.2.9 Beta published:

  • it is now possible to give each user group a ranking value in 'User Group Settings'.When a user is a member of multiple Joomla User Groups this ensures that the correct (most important) jDownloads 'User Groups Settings' is used. See documentation here.

Update 2014-08-11 Version 3.2.10 Beta published:

  • PLUpload script updated to the newest version 2.1.x (now also compatible with Joomla 3.x)
  • new toolbar buttons added in the PLUpload script page
  • PLUpload script use now its own language files (files for 30 languages are included)
  • the search field in the backend lists now works correctly
  • every backend list type uses different amounts of data per page
  • default 'User Group Ranking' value is now again zero for newly created Joomla user groups
  • the add/edit frontend downloads form now only selects those categories where the user has the permission to create new downloads
  • when a file is selected from another download, all frontend views now show the correct file name
  • the 'Add' button is now only shown in the frontend when the user group has 'create' permission, or at minimum at least one category in the chain to the download has 'create' permission for that user group.
  • upload form button "add image" had an incorrect attribute: readonly="readonly" fixed
  • the redirect to homepage after a frontend upload missing html tag added for the creation form hint (span with class)
  • a value in the categories select box must now be choosen in the add/edit frontend uploads form  , otherwise the form is not savable
  • small typo corrected in german language file
  • small css problem fixed for 'isis' template in backend

Update 2014-08-16 Version 3.2.11 Beta published:

  • some MySQL problems fixed in the backend lists pages

Update 2014-09-25 Version 3.2.12 Beta published:

  • frontend upload function improved
  • new option added: 'Use Tabs in Frontend Upload Form?'
  • when new categories or downloads are created, the view access level setting is now inherited from their parent.

Update 2014-10-08 Version 3.2.13 Beta published:

  • the Joomla version 3.3.4 the core team changed some MySQL functions. As result jDownloads not always displaying the correct pagination for the frontend listings. This is now fixed by jDownloads by using  adifferent function. The Joomla core team have also fixed the problem (was still in 3.3.6)
  • small css corrections for the frontend creation form
  • a new editor 'button plugin' to easily insert 'download links' in other content, is now a part of the installation package

Update 2014-10-10 Version 3.2.14 Beta published:

  • The new database table field for the new option: 'Use Tabs in Frontend Upload Form?' was not always created correctly in version 3.2.12
  • small corrections again for the frontend upload form

Update 2014-10-31 Version 3.2.15 Beta published:

  • permissions are now inherited (for new categories and downloads) from the parent category or, for top level categories, from the component default permissions
  • support for the AlphaUserPoints component has been enhanced
  • the content element files for the FaLang component have been added
  • it now possible to delete a 'Download' when editing it from the frontend;
  • extra descriptions have been added to the language files
  • some small fixes to reduce PHP warnings and notices have been made
  • small fix to allow the user to change the file size manually
  • small bug fixes in all modules when an image is shown
  • trim() error message fixed in all modules
  • some hints and descriptions were corrected in the language files
  • small fix for the jcomments 'view number of comments' option
  • small fix in search/tmpl/default_form.php css
  • fix for search form with beez template
  • fix from Colin to give a more compact details layout
  • fix for the editor button plugin (the link was not built correctly)
  • the 'auto monitoring' function now ignores files with a single or double quote character in the file name
  • small fix in the configuration for the google 'adsense' field
  • tooltip added when viewing the parent category in the backend downloads list
  • all actions if a user changed the upload root folder in the configuration have been removed to make it easier to change the path manually;
  • the hints in the language files for this data field have also been improved
  • when thumbnails are created for a uploaded image these are no longer 'stretched' if the width or height is smaller than the defined thumbnail size.

Update 2014-11-12 Version 3.2.16 Beta published:

  • the 'sort order' settings in the configuration now work correctly (for categories AND downloads)
  • new downloads added by the 'auto-monitoring' function
  • now have permissions copied from their parent category
  • revised css for jD buttons for better browser compatibility (by Colin Mercer)
  • users can now no longer skip a password or captcha protection by url manipulation
  • some corrections for better AlphaUserPoint support (by Marco aka ngo)
  • the downloads 'ordering' column has now operates correctly for the backend 'downloads' list
  • text improvements about using the password option
  • in downloads additional information text above the 'permissions panel'in the creation form
  • some very small corrections in language, css and other files

Update 2014-12-02 Version 3.2.17 Beta published:

  • the new jD Content Plugin has been added to the installation package
  • the new 'Editor Button Plugin' (for the Content Plugin) has been included in the installation package
  • all jD plugins or modules are now installed, or updated, correctly during the component installation process
  • it is now possible to re-install a jDownloads version which was already installed in Joomla (over-installation)
  • bug fixed for 'auto monitoring' in tables/download.php
  • bug fixed when a user creates a new download in the frontend and MUST select images for this download.
  • An incorrect hint was shown previously
  • bug fixed in summary/tmpl/default.php when using passwords
  • bug fixed for 'single category menu' items when a files order like 'Most recent first' used
  • bug fixed to get a correctly built 'Select Download' pagein the frontend when using the 'editor button plugin'
  • bugfix in route.php (only in 3.2 series)
  • setLocale() added in some php files to provide utf-8 support for basename() s
  • ome modifications in jdownloadshelper.php for the new content plugin
  • the download link editor button plugin has been reworked and a new parameter has been added (View Button in Frontend)
  • some 'notice' messages fixed in default.php files from some views
  • a few language definitions added into the language files
  • correction in 'alternate files layout' (the url_download placeholder was missing)
  • it was not always possible to upload jpg images for a download (the 'bad code' check was to restrictive)
  • some corrections again in jdownloads_buttons.css by Colin Mercer
  • some images have been replaced with more compressed versions

Update 2014-12-07 Version 3.2.18 Beta published:

  • utf8 bugfix when creating zip function (convert filenames from UTF-8 back to CP866 for Cyrillic)
  • 'direct download' option is now supported in the search results page
  • small css corrections missing alt"" values added for some image tags
  • some notice messages fixed 'empty' page fixed
  • in content plugin in 3.2.17 the permission hints were not shown
  • in the category and download creation form fixed
  • showing a warning message that was incorrectly shown sometimes in the frontend creation form
  • some minor bug fixes

Update 2014-12-24 Version 3.2.19 Beta published:

  • permissions are now really inherited (for new categories and downloads) from the parent category or, for top level categories, from the component default permissions (users which had used the temporary fix via phpmyadmin should now use the new help tools to reset this again) 2 new help functions added on the backend Tools page to reset permissions for categories and downloads the download creation button was always viewed on the search page in the frontend jD system plugin enhanced (new option added to disable partially the Joomla cache for special URL's language files updated and a error fixed 5 new language definitions added in /en-GB/en-GB.com_jdownloads.ini css file corrected for search page in frontend (wrong backgound color) layout fixes for footer (to make it html5 ready) bug fixed: Fatal error: Class 'JDContentHelperQuery' not found in /components/com_jdownloads/helpers/jdownloadshelper.php on line 685 a few other very small bug fixes

Update 2014-12-31 Version 3.2.20 Beta published:

  • corrections for the import process from 1.9.x (the imported Downloads retained now the original ID). So it can now be useful for some users to renew the import process. Please wait before importing from an older version (1.9.x) until we have published the next version 3.2.21. We have found here a bug but we will fix this very soon. bug for the calculated amount of (sub) items in the category view fixed bug in content plugin fixed ($user_can_see_download_url) bug in the new 'Reset Permissions' tools fixed

Update 2015-01-07 Version 3.2.21 Beta published:

  • corrections for the import process from 1.9.x (importing Downloads now retains their original ID). So it may well be useful for some users to redo the import process.
  • The bug from 3.2.20 is fixed here.
  • again a small correction for the calculated number of (sub) items in the category view
  • the install/update process now creates an empty custom css file if it does not already exist
  • the simple 'editor button downloadlink' plugin is removed by the update process
  • the 'readonly' tag in the image section in download/tmpl/edit.php and download/view.html.php has been removed
  • some other small corrections and fixes

Update 2015-01-15 Version 3.2.22 Beta published:

  • bug fixed in the 'backup restoration' function. The process now creates "inherited permissions" (empty) entries in the 'assets' database table for all the Categories and Downloads. Please note that the complete permission settings cannot be restored. So it is required to check and reset the "allowed" and "denied" permissions as appropriate for different user groups when the process is finished. Usually this only involves resetting a few top level Categories as permissions cascade.
  • bug fixed for search results in the frontend. The correct URL is always created now.
  • bug in modules/mod_jdownloads_last_updated/helper.php fixed
  • bug in /tables/download.php fixed (user couldn't change the 'modified date' for downloads)
  • the default 'sort order' for the frontend sub category list was broken since 3.2.17
  • small bug fixed in mod_jdownloads_latest/tmpl/alternate.php
  • bug fixed in plugins/plg_content_jdownloads/jdownloads.php language
  • error fixed in language/de-DE/de-DE.com_jdownloads.ini
  • send() method in download.php corrected (check for access added)

Update 2015-01-20 Version 3.2.23 Beta published:

  • fix for theoretical SQL injection risk during category creation and logs searching in the backend of Joomla - only accessible for jDownloads admin users so risk was low
  • bug fixed in the lightbox.js script (for component and content plugin) -
  • two small images were not always loaded
  • count of subcats and files in category view finally fixed
  • small corrections in models/download.php and models/downloads.php
  • sorting in Downloads by Category fixed in backend

Update 2015-01-23 Version 3.2.24 Beta published:

  • thumbnails were not being created from uploaded images or pdf files when a user created a new 'Download' using the 'Files' page fixed
  • after beta 3.2.22 it was not always possible to download from the 'Uncategorised' category - fixed

Update 2015-02-16 Version 3.2.25 Beta published:

  • separators added in numbers of 'downloads' and 'views' date fields in backend
  • supported now multilanguage formats (in 'Files', 'Downloads', 'Logs')
  • some integer fields in backend are now converted to numbers with separators
  • the output from the scan.php is now displayed in the actually activated language
  • bug fixed in en-GB.com_jdownloads.ini (invalid character in line 1406)
  • the date field in modules supported now
  • multilanguage formats links in modules are now also created for 'direct' download
  • bug fixed in 'download' and 'downloads' view for general content plugin
  • support new placeholder possibilities added in jD content plugin (see plugin description in Joomla plugin manager)
  • small text added for this in language files
  • small css fix for FE tooltip
  • new db data field added for using a default 'access levels' in frontend form (currently only usable via phpmyadmin - editable in next release 3.3)
  • some typos corrected in english language file Note: when you use the Komento component should you update also the jDownloads Plugin for Komento

Update 2015-02-20 Version 3.2.26 Beta published:

  • Bug fixed from version 3.2.25 in the backend 'Files' list small corrections in the frontend creating/editing form

Update 2015-03-09 First stable version 3.2.27 published:

  • small corrections to the fe upload form to give cleaner output (with and without editor use)
  • small css correction for fe upload form
  • a certain combination  of configuration settings caused both the jD modules and jD front end listings to show a download link for Downloads that did not have a file to download
  • in the MyDownloads listing when a 'files' layout with 'checkboxes' was selected then in some circumstances the download button was not shown corrected all downloads and my downloads view
  • when a layout with checkboxes is selected Downloads without files no longer have a download link (in all downloads and my downloads) the category and download
  • reset functions now change ALL jDownloads items when jD is installed for the first time, the install script now creates default permission settings for the 'download' action
  • bug fixed in update section of script.php to use the correct 'version_compare'
  • bug fixed in edit forms (FE) to show the correct custom field labels and, where relevant, to show the * symbol for required fields also the custom date field settings fixed if the date and time fields in config are left blank then the LC format from the current Joomla language file is used when multiple languages definitions for date fields are specified in config but if there is not a definition for the current language then the LC format from the Joomla language file is used
  • import process fixed to include category descriptions

Update 2015-03-18 version 3.2.28 published:

  • 3 small display bugs fixed (
  • the download details page did not always give the correct global content (
  • restore.php fixed to support the new Joomla 3.4 function JFilterInput::isSafeFile() corrections
  • in order to play the old internal mp3 player (wrong url) a new placeholder has been added, it shows the url to the assigned preview file.  This allows easier use of other external media plugins.
  • some path fixes for flowplayer, mp3_player and other plugin players in the jD Content plugin

Update 2015-03-23 version 3.2.29 published:

  • bug with special 'sort sequence' option in menu item for 'single category' fixed
  • content plugin support improved

Update 2015-03-26 version 3.2.30 published:

  • new stats module added
  • bug fixed in models/download.php for multilanguage websites (link)
  • script.php updated for install/update/uninstall
  • the new module mp3 ID3 layout corrected
  • small bugs fixed in function getID3v2Tags()
  • small bugs fixed in frontend views which used the result from getID3v2Tags()
  • the same in the jDownloads 'content plugin'

Update 2015-04-01 version 3.2.31 published:

  • only a few small bug fixes

Update 2015-05-23 version 3.2.32 published:

  • support for the Joomla tags functionality added (see also documentation)
  • W3C Validator errors fixed in some default layouts and modules
  • small corrections in monitoring function (JDownloadsHelper)
  • the search plugin now also searches the authors field
  • small corrections for the correct viewing the 'upload' icon in frontend
  • a new option in the User Groups Settings added: 'uploads_view_upload_icon'
  • getAuthorisedJDCategories() changed (used jsession) in jd_layouts.php
  • the css class row changed to: jd_row
  • the internal search and the plugin search creates now the same link types (based on the config settings)
  • some images cleaned for dark layouts
  • the 'category view' should now be correct
  • also with multi columns 'categories layouts'
  • the default 'access level' for the frontend form (prior only usable via phpmyadmin) - is now editable in User Groups Settings
  • some language definitions added in language file (for the new options)
  • small language corrections
  • some other small bug fixes

Update 2015-06-03 version 3.2.33 published:

  • some things had to be reprogrammed for the Alphauserpoint support
  • a special alphauserpoints_rule.xml is added with 5 rules - easy installable via the 'Auto detect new rules' function in the Alphauserpoint control panel
  • you can now also give an uploader points when a user downloded his file some small bugfixes

Update 2015-06-29 version 3.2.34 published:

  • jDownloads 'Tree' module added
  • jDownloads 'Most Recently Downloaded' module added
  • now automaticaly uses the Downloads description when the metadesc field is still empty (in details page)
  • installation script fixed for updates from older 3.2.x jDownloads versions
  • the number format for some integer values was viewed in float format
  • the options fields in configuration for additional 'header' and 'footer' text was not usable for multiple languages
  • some small fixes in the jD content plugin option to view the image placeholder in 'lists' and 'details' page
  • fixed some other minor bugs

Update 2015-07-21 version 3.2.35 published:

  • bug in modules/mod_jdownloads_most_recently_downloaded/helper.php fixed bug fixed to prevent sometimes 'double Downloads' when menu items are created for single categories
  • "SET SESSION SQL_BIG_SELECTS = 1" added in helpers/categories.php to prevent on servers with restrictions an sql error message

Update 2015-08-27 version 3.2.36 published:

  • support for reCAPTCHA V2
  • added new special module 'related Downloads' added (please read the module description before you try to use it)
  • and some very minor corrections

Update 2015-09-12 version 3.2.37 published:

  • changes to solve the upload problem in frontend after Joomla! update to 3.4.4.
  • New options added in configuration to use the html5 media elements for videos and audios (instead a flash player).
  • New option added in configuration to allow the user to reduce the amounts of levels in the categories listbox in the frontend header.
  • In jdownloadshelper.php corrected the function for the mp3 info part.
  • In the summary view added the possibility to insert a 'report download' link.

Update 2015-09-20 version 3.2.38 published:

  • in nearly all modules added JHTML::_('bootstrap.tooltip'); to overcome Joomla! 3.4.4 change.
  • In related module added the 'random' sort order.
  • In content plugin added the missing parts for 'Tags' and 'HTML5 audio and video elements'.
  • Fixed problem that it was not always possible to succesfully select a Download from the 'Downloads list' with the editor button plugin.

Update 2015-10-14 version 3.2.39 published:

  • some small language corrections and a few new language keys;
  • fixed bug with password field in frontend creation form
  • missing language key added for html5 support
  • 3 new language keys added for new placeholders
  • the Download creation form now shows the upload_max_filesize value
  • added some new placeholders to the Content plugin
  • updated the plugin description in Content plugin
  • fixed bug with Disabling "Send Downloads using the PHP Script" on Strato server
  • bug with 'category pagination' in frontend fixed
  • placeholders {tags_title} {category_title} Rating added in view classes
  • breadcrumb added to Summary page (only when 'auto monitoring' is not in progress)
  • bug in backend search 'clear' button fixed (Categories and Downloads views)
  • the .js and .css files for the rating function are now only loaded when the rating function is activated in the  Configuration

Update version 3.2.40 was an internal development test release

Update 2015-12-19 version 3.2.41 published:

  • 'featured' functionality added for Downloads in the backend.  Click here for documentation
  • 'featured' status functionality added for Downloads in frontend
  • layout import & export function added in backend
  • also the jdownloads_custom.css can now be edited in backend
  • 'breadcrumb' fixed in summary page when is use single category menu item
  • when the file size for a file is not stored in the database it is now displayed as a blank space instead '0 B'
  • video/audio player fixed (
  • some corrections for Falang support
  • small correction in rating/css/ajaxvote.css
  • installation function fixed for the special situation where old DB data exists from another 3.2.x version
  • current category is now selected as default in frontend edit form
  • backend help folder en-gb corrected to en-GB
  • admin language keys were did not exist in the system plugin
  • problem with uploading files with uppercase extensions fixed (
  • some small layout corrections
  • some other very small bug fixes

    Note for the translators: we had to add some definitions in the language files, so it would useful to complete again the translations. The downloadable languages from here are updated every two hours.

Update 2016-04-13 version 3.2.42 published:

Fixed bugs:

  • the Downloads title in the content plugin was needlessly 'escaped'
  • now uses the sort order selected in the config settings, and also applies also in the Content plugin.
  • if in the configuration Front End tab the option to view 'Only Uncategorisied' is set to No then is also removed in the category select boxes.
  • send e-mail when an upload or download occurs: set the first recipient in the To field and add all other recipients to the BCC field
  • auto monitoring functions fixed (for single quote characters in folder names)
  • some corrections for HTML5 video and audio player
  • install corrections for search layouts
  • backup creation and restoring process corrected (bug only existent when also log table was selected)
  • frontend creation/edit page reworked
  • Content plugin - date format settings are now used from the configuration
  • ZipArchive() fix to be compatible with PHP > 5.4
  • the number of configuration sets was not added correctly in log text after the import process.
  • reCaptcha 2.0 support fixed (required for Joomla 3.5.1 and later)
  • small layout fix for multi column category and categories layouts to prevent {description} appearing when no download
  • url manipulation (only in very special circumstances) with AlphaUserPoints are now impossible
  • and some other very small fixes


  • some corrections and alterations to make jDownloads more compatible with Joomla 3.5 and PHP 7
  • jD system plugin reworked to get a correct hider function for all Joomla 3.x user groups
  • frontend css file updated with some correction and may enhancements
  • language corrections and improvements
  • use of jQuery instead mootools wherever possible
  • Joomla css class added in jD modules for 'radio' data types to get the same look as in Joomla modules
  • the special option 'Allow user to Download when they have no points or too few points?' is still existent in configuration but not longer changable and deactivated by the update process


Update 2016-04-22 version 3.2.43 published:

Fixed bugs:

  • mass downloads was not always possible with version 3.2.42
  • the meta keywords handling corrected for the categories overview

Update 2016-05-08 version 3.2.44 published:

Fixed bugs:

  • Bugfix in jdownloadshelper.php - getLayout()
  • Content plugin language files corrected
  • Check for '/featuredimages' folder added to make sure that it always exists


  • Support for AltaUserPoints added - so jDownloads now supports both AlphaUserPoints and AltaUserPoints
  • New function added which removed every invalid e-mail address from the recipients list
  • CSS classes added to get a 'responsive' jComments layout

Update 2016-07-14 version 3.2.45 published:

Fixed bugs:

  • Control Panel view modified (now suiable for viewing on small devices) and new information block added in footer
  • corrected formatting of 'user points' in decimals for AlphaUserPoints/AltaUserPoints
  • some small bugs fixed in the Content plugin
  • corrected function getCleanFolderFileName()
  • Auto Monitoring function fixed: files in uncategorised folder were not being checked correctly
  • small corrections in backend css file
  • some corrections and additions for extra layouts in frontend css file (jdownloads_fe.css)
  • some language 'typos' fixed
  • page navigation fixed in modal windows
  • 'clear' button fixed in modal windows
  • thumbnail creation fixed (thumbnails was not always created correctly)
  • cured fault in MyDownloads menu item and also non logged in users redirected to login page


  • new 'featured' module added
  • new setting "use.files.and.folder.settings.for.monitoring" added in configuration db table

Update 2016-10-07 version 3.2.46 published:

Fixed bugs:

  • Checkboxes are now only shown (in the layout) when the Download has an actual file and download permission;
  • small correction in controllers/category.php und controllers/download.php to fix a 'Declaration of ... should be compatible with ...'
  • incorrect default date format by in german language;
  • Tag handling now correct when a Download or a Category with tags is deleted;
  • another bugfix for Tags was incorrect definitions for the 'content_types' table in the installation script;
  • Download titles with leading numerical characters gave a 404 error if the SEF option was deactivated;
  • 'Reset Limits' function fixed (backend models/groups.php);
  • small bug fixed when the control panel is started for the first time after installation (User rules are still empty);
  • small correction in the frontend creation/editing form;
  • removed 'div' from search list because of v32 style layouts in removeEmptyTags();
  • the category description part was not always shown correctly - category/tmpl/default.php;
  • some small bug fixes when layout with tabs was used for Download 'details' view - /download/tmpl/default.php;
  • many corrections in the default layouts and the css file (by Colin);
  • language files corrected;
  • an extra javascript file, jdpagination_2.js, added to correctly handle the v3.2 <div based 'sub categories pagination layout';
  • category 'publish' method fixed as it was possible to publish a sub category when the parent category was still unpublished;
  • layouts/tmpl/default.php corrected for small devices;


Update 2017-03-28 version 3.2.47 published:

  • small bugfixes for PHP 7.1 compatibility
  • small bugfixes in content plugin
  • delete.png added in frontend path (was required for the frontend edit form)
  • path to delete.png changed in frontend edit.php (used now frontend image folder)
  • css update for tooltip
  • language files updated
  • backup information data updated
  • bugfix for date format (by colinM)
  • special characters removed from extension list in group settings
  • error message in downloads model fixed when the $items variable is not an array

Update 2017-04-08 version 3.2.48 published:

  • problem with custom data views in the frontend fixed
  • problem with thumbnails creation at files with not unique filenames fixed

Update 2017-04-12 version 3.2.49 published:

  • problem with 'batch' function to copy categories in the backend fixed
  • problem with the Imagick function to create images from PDF files fixed (setImageIndex changed to setIteratorIndex)

Update 2017-04-13 version 3.2.50 published:

  • We had in the last version (above) a mistake with the placeholder {form_hidden} in the frontend - now fixed.

Update 2017-04-13 version 3.2.51 published:

  • We had in the last version (above) again a mistake with the placeholder handling in the frontend. As result was viewed in certain circumstances a 'notice' message. Now hopefully finaly fixed.

Update 2017-06-21 version 3.2.52 published:

  • Bug in jdownloadshelper.php fixed ts
  • Small bug fixed in the Most Recently Downloaded Module
  • Small bug fixed in backend Downloads list when you want search to ID's

Update 2017-08-10 version 3.2.53 published:


  • Missing support for content plugins fixed in categories, category and summary views
  • Missing seo support fixed for mydownloads view in router.php
  • Real user name was not displayed in Download Details view and module when this option was activated
  • Category sort order corrected for frontend creation form - it use now the selected sort order from configuration
  • Language problem fixed for custom fields when the title should have text for multiple languages
  • Configuration form fixed. Some fields was defined too short for values in multiple languages
  • Small bugfix in category frontend view. Placeholder was still visible when the option View empty Categories was set to No
  • Some small html fixes from Colin for tree and rated modules


  • New View Limits module added (read here). This shows a logged on user their Download limits as set in User Groups settings
  • New viewing type MyHistory added (read here). Shows logged on users their download history

Update 2017-08-15 version 3.2.54 published:

  • We had in the last version above a mistake. So it was not always possible to edit or create new Downloads in the frontend in every categories

Update 2017-09-12 version 3.2.55 published:


  • under certain circumstances was used a wrong menu id for multilanguage content
  • the batch function for Downloads in the backend has not always moved the file to the new category position
  • the listed values about the server settings in the jD control panel was not always correct

Update 2017-09-19 version 3.2.56 published

Release 3.2.56 fixed just two things:

  • a small bug in the scan.php with Joomla 3.8;
  • the layout placeholder (link_to_details) is always replaced with the required link.

Update 2018-02-28 version 3.2.57 published

Added improved utf8 support

  • monitoring and scan.php corrected (utf8_encoding removed and other small corrections)
  • option published now in config TAB 'Files and Folders' to "Use above Settings also for Auto Monitoring"
  • add new option in 'Files and Folders' TAB as "Use Transliteration" for files and folder settings
  • in sql installation changed default collation from utf8 to utf8mb4 (use now the same as used by Joomla!)

Other fixes

  • bugfix to prevent empty or double aliases (when auto monitoring tried to add a filename with non latin characters and utf8/unicode support is off)
  • corrections to prevent empty or double aliases for categories or downloads
  • default settings corrections (all files and folder settings are set to 0 by default - except auto folder creation)
  • auto monitoring is now deactivated by default in all new installations
  • bugfix for tags support (the JDCategories Class could not be loaded)
  • Category Save  bug in v57 solved
  • language corrections by Colin Mercer

Update 2018-03-02 version 3.2.58 published

  • bug in version 3.2.57 fixed

Update 2018-04-09 version 3.2.59 published

  • This is a security release for the 3.x series of jDownloads! This release fixes two security issues. Please update as soon as possible.

Update 2018-04-23 version 3.2.60 published

This release fixed just two things:

Update 2018-05-22 version 3.2.61 published

This release fixed just three things:

  • a bug in the sort order from sub categories in the frontend (exists only in 3.2.60);
  • in the SQL installation file two index fields were too long when using  a version of MySQL that was earlier than MySQL 5.7 (this was the result of the changes from utf-8 to utf8mb4 to support all foreign languages);
  • content Tags 'challenge' has been sorted out - this was caused by Joomla! core code only referencing Joomla! categories for situation when cateories were unpublished - see  tags documentation - limitation (opens in new window/tab).

Update 2018-07-09 version 3.2.62 published

This release fixed only four things:

  • a small bug in cssedit.php fixed (exists only in 3.2.61);
  • handling changed in scan.php: problem in scan.php changed; previously the scan was aborted when it was not possible to create a new download in the table but now the user just gets a message and the scan continues;
  • small language file correction for the tags_fix plugin;
  • small backend language file correction.

Update 2018-10-30 version 3.2.63 published

This release fixed only:

  • a bug when used menu type for a single category when this use other settings as in the configuration (see here);

Update 2019-03-06 version 3.2.64 published

This release fixed the following items:

  • htaccess file updated. See here
  • permission of single download was not working correctly. See here.
  • if, from the frontend, the downloadable file was deleted from the Download, then Download was not checked in correctly so that the 'edit' symbol was missing when the Downloads were listed. See here.
  • the access level was not being set when importing via Files tab. See here.
  • sort order of sub categories has been corrected.  See here.

New Feature Added:

  • a new jDownloads menu option has been added to the  Show Single Category menu item if a user clicks on the Overview button in the header.  This allows restricting the view to that initially shown by the Single Category menu item.  Click here for  more details and some images.

Update 2019-08-21 version 3.2.65 published

  • This is a security release for the 3.x series of jDownloads!
    This release fixes a security issues. Please update as soon as possible.
    Special thanks to 'ADLab of Venustech' for reporting the vulnerability.

Update 2020-01-14 version 3.2.66 published

This release fixed the following items:

  • possible negative limit values in mod_jdownloads_view_limits module
  • a category title may now also be 0 (as example for a numerical category list) 
  • in content plugin missing <alt> values in img tags added
  • files list pagination type ALL fixed in backend
  • a small bug in frontend pagination fixed

New Feature Added:

  • new date filter options in mod_jdownloads_ralated_module added


  • when trying  to view 'a not allowed Download' you are now redirected to the login url.

Update 2020-04-02 version 3.2.67 published

This release fixed the following small items:

Update 2020-05-17 version 3.2.68 published

This release fixed the following small item:

 Update 2020-08-12 version 3.2.69 published

The 3.2.69 version is a prerequisite for upgrading to the jDownloads 3.9 series. Please update as soon as possible.