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folder0jDownloads Component / Packages
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The jDownloads component for Joomla is located here. Note that when you install the jD Component all the standard jDownloads plugins and modules are also automatically installed.

folder1Special Extensions
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Here you can find the Special Extensions for JComments, Komento,  User Points and Community Builder.

There are Special Extensions sub-categories for each of the jDownloads series. That is jDownloads 4,  jDownloads 3.9  and for jDownloads 3.2.  Each of these sub categories has sub-sub categories, one for each  type of special extension.

The 3.9 series also has an extension to view PDF files.

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You can find here the last version of older jDownloads series! Please only use these older series when you have no other choice. Important: All the extensions listed here are no longer officially supported by us.

folder3Layouts Library
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This  category has additional Layouts that are available for download and then importing for use in jDownloads. This includes an upgrade to the latest level for some standard layouts.

For details of how to import layouts and css to your site please see the documentation by using the link below.

Import and Export of Layouts [opens in a new tab/page]

As well as the layouts there is a category that holds the most recent version of jdownloads_fe.css

It is always advisable to import the latest jdownloads_fe.css file as the new layouts may rely on some css in that file.

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