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folder0Upgrade Standard Layouts
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Contains four standard layouts revised since jD v45. Applicable to all users whose first install was  jDownloads v45 and earlier.

folder1Files Layouts 3.2
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There are several additional Files layouts in this section. Some layouts, those "with download Button", have an individual download button, others have "with Checkboxes" have a checkbox that allows selecting multiple downloads.  Of couse the download button or checkbox only appears when the user has permission to download.

  • Compact layouts - here the details are in a more compact form than those in the standard layouts.
  • With 'readmore' button.  These do not show the details but have a 'Readmore' button that leads directly to the 'Download Details' view.
  • More 'Inline' layouts designed for use in Articles and other content.
  • a two column layout (added 21st Feb 2018)
folder2Scrolling Layouts
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As a way of saving space on the screen these layouts offer a scrolling capability.  The height of the scrolling region maybe set in the layouts. 

This is a complete suite of layouts that could be used as a set for Categories, Category and Files layouts. However a Files Scrolling layout could be used by itself.  Any of the regular Download Details or Summary layouts maybe used.

There are seven individual Downloads, one for each type, and also an eighth 'zip' Download that contains all seven of the Scrolling Layouts.

  • two Categories layouts, one of which is a subpaginated type
    • Scrolling Categories Layout v3.2
    • Scrolling Categories Layout for paginated Subcategories.
  • one Category Layout 
    • Scrolling Category Layout v3.2
  • four Files layouts
    • Scrolling Compact Files Layout with download Buttons v3.2
    • Scolling Files Layout with download Buttons v3.2
    • Scolling Files Layout with Checkboxes v3.2
    • Scrolling Compact Files Layout with Checkboxes v3.2


folder3Download Details
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A revised Download Details layout with the actual details as a single column on right hand side is available.

folder4 Latest CSS
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This sub-category has the most recent version of the jdownloads_fe.css

It is strongly advised that the latest version of this file is imported to your site.

folder5Layout Views
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This Category shows some slideshow examples of layouts on different sized devices.

The views are illustrative as some updates and improvements have been made since the pictures were taken.  Also note that jD correctly 'scales' video and audio previews. Two phone simulators were chosen, one as a typical example and the other as probably the minimum viable pixel size at 240-by-320 pixels. A plugin is used to present slide shows in the description part of the Downloads.

Use the slide controls at bottom right of each slide show There is also a slide counter at bottom left.

folder6Files Layouts 3.9
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Files Layouts 3.9