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Created: 2016-10-10
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This Upgrade Set brings the Standard layouts below up to the latest level as explained in article

It is useful for those users who had their first installation or migration prior to jD 3.2.46. they layouts rely on having the CSS code at jD 3.2.46 or higher

  • Standard Categories Layout v3.2 ;
  • Standard Categories Layout for paginated Subcategories 3.2 ;
  • Standard Category Layout v3.2 ;
  • Standard Files Layout v3.2

The upgrade has better alignment of various items in the 'title' sections of each of the above layouts.

If you have previously edited one or more of the existing standard v32 layouts noted above then you should make a copy before you upgrade.

The three layouts are contained in a zip file. After downloading the zip file unpack it in a convenient folder and then in the Administration, 'backend', import to jDownloads using the Import button on the tool bar of the main layouts page. If you have edited oner or more of the previous versions then make a copy of the new layouts and apply any edits to the copy and activate.

Note that special attention is required for the Standard Categories Layout for paginated Subcategories 3.2 layout as it is activated in a different way - see for more details on how to do this.

You might also like to see more optional layouts in the Layouts Library that contain more compact details or offer scrolling and other varieties.