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jDownloads for Jooml jDownloads for Joomla! 4 HOT UPDATED

Created 2023-02-03
Changed 2023-03-21
Version 4.0.21 Beta
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jDownloads version 4 Beta

  • The range of functions is almost identical to the previous version 3.9
  • New functions will probably only be added in version 4.1

Please note the following information

  • It is currently not recommended to use this beta version on constructive websites. If you would like to try this anyway, always make a backup of your database and all files beforehand.
  • If you want to update an existing jDownloads installation to version 4, please watch this PDF tutorial first: 
  • If the update attempt is aborted with a message about corrupt DB tables, please read the instructions here to solve the problem.
  • Also, always make a complete backup before updating!
  • Please note the hint on the picture below in order to always use the latest version.
  • As always, we accept no liability for any data loss.
  • If you find and report a bug, we aim to fix it as quickly as possible. This will be helped when reporting a bug to give relevant details so we are able to reproduce the problem.

Our special thanks go to the many users who had signed up to participate in the extensive testing.

Developers whose Joomla extensions support jDownloads in any way, or have developed their own plugins or modules for this purpose, must rework their extensions a little bit to be compatible with jDownloads 4.

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# Changelog
All notable changes to the jDownloads series 4.0 project will be documented in this notes.
The newest changelog is always at the top!

## [4.0.21] - 2023-03-21
jDownloads 4.0.21 beta release published.

### Fixed
- invalid return_page URL when edit or create Download in frontend
- 'Mydownloads' view and multilanguage
and some other small fixes 

## [4.0.20] - 2023-03-11
jDownloads 4.0.20 beta release published.

### Added
- Language Files: Messages for hints about newer version
- Language Files: Small "Aria" part to describe the download button
- Language Files: Button text for 'Hide rules info'
- Language Files: Missing warning message added when GD Library not exist on server
- Backend: Retrieve information about a possible newer jD version from the server and show a hint when we have found it
- Backend: 'Accessibility' Check button in download edit page
- Backend: Missing default file symbol
- Backend: It can now be deactivated the warning message about 'generell download permission' in Control panel 

### Fixed
- Replaced the titles from the jD backend admin modules with the right content from language file
- Router corrections for multilanguage websites
- Edit Download in frontend (also for multilingual websites)
- Wrong variable identifier use for 'featured' css class
- if a download (with photo) was inserted in articles with the help of the content plugin
- Modules: texts with HTML tags were shown in 'tooltips'
- Some small corrections for PHP 8.1 and 8.2
- Problem when a software license must be confirmed
- If the jDownloads component or other parts were deactivated (due to incompatibility with Joomla 4), they had to be reactivated at the end of the update process to prevent an error message when first called up
- Deleting an old 3.2 tags fix plugin version was incorrect. Instead of this plugin, the newly installed plugin was removed again!Deleting an old 3.2 tags fix plugin version was incorrect. Instead of this plugin, the newly installed plugin was removed again!
- Wrong variable identifier used in Frontend 'All Downloads' page
- The module "Tree" did not always show the category tree, but was empty

### Changed
- Language Files: Not longer required parts deleted
- Language Files: Small correction for an options description
- CSS class for 'Back' button
- Backend: default file symbol (mime type) from zip.png to unknown.png

## [4.0.18] - 2023-03-02
jDownloads 4.0.18 beta release published.

Changelog see 4.0.20

## [4.0.17] - 2023-02-14
jDownloads 4.0.17 beta release published.

### Added
- column selection box in backend list pages like the same in Joomla
- the support for the JComments 4 extension. Also the required jDownloads comments plugin would be overworked
- special new hint about the default permission setting for Download action.

### Fixed
- small CSS correction for frontend layouts (missing spaces)
- issue with Tree module
- issue with the ReportModel
- small language text corrections. Required for the column selection box
- the 'root_dir' param should now have after reset or import the same value as 'files_uploaddir'

### Changed
- the installation part removed in the previous pre-beta, which stored the default download rights in the assets table for the component level, has now been added back

## [4.0.16] - 2023-02-02
First public beta release published.