jdownloads_backlinkThe "backlink" means that the component jDownloads has a copyright link integrated to the developer website on the bottom of the frontpage.

If you want to remove this footer copyright backlink, please make a donation. You can do it in this way:

  • for NON commercial projects: donate 12$ (7€)
  • for COMMERCIAL projects: donate 24$ (15€)
  • Commercial projects are websites with commercial background (e.g. Companysites)
  • Please use for your payment the Donation module on the mainsite and write in the comments your domain name. You can also contact me here
  • After the payment, you will receive an E-Mail with the key informationon how to remove the link in a simple way

The money we receive from the donations are used for further development of jDownloads - many thanks!
Note: If a user removes the backlink without a donation, they will lose our support.