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We are proud to present the new jDownloads series 3.9.
This should be your choice when you are starting with jDownloads.

Our aim for the new version is, as far as possible, to support the new and recently added functions of the current Joomla! Version 3.9 and to integrate them into jDownloads.  But it was also necessary to remove or change some of the older parts of jDownloads.  This means that version 3.9 will not be backwards compatible with version 3.2.  

If  you are upgrading from an existing 3.2 installation to the new version 3.9.x please see the upgrading guide (opens in new window/tab).  It is an easy, multistep upgrade, not complicated a migration! 

If you are installing jDownloads for the first time then see the article first time installation (opens in new window/tab).

Developers whose Joomla extensions support jDownloads in any way, or have developed their own plugins or modules for this purpose, will need to rework their extensions a little bit to be compatible with jDownloads 3.9. If you find and report a bug, we aim to fix it as quickly as possible.  This will be helped when reporting a bug by giving relevant details so we are able to reproduce the problem.

Important: This version is not compatible with Joomla 4.x. A compatible version is in work and will be published in 2022.

New major features in version 3.9.x

  • The same look and feel for the downloads and categories as the articles and categories in Joomla!
  • Uses the Joomla! style Options in place of the Configuration
  • The same searchfiltering and sort methods as the core extensions in Joomla!
  • Newly designed backend control panel with more information together with quick and easy data access
  • Reworked and faster monitoring tool with many new options in the jDownloads control panel
  • Support for Joomla field groups and fields in jDownloads (replaces the previous jDownloads own custom fields)
  • New multilingual association function directly in jDownloads
  • Wide support for language placeholders such as {fr-FR} ... {/fr-FR}  in layouts
  • Enhanced support for single user access to Downloads
  • Support for Joomla! User Actions Log function
  • Optional inquiry form for users to complete before downloading
  • Installation checks for overrides, correct Database level and other key issues
  • Support for the Joomla Smart Search extension
  • Support for RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc 
  • and much more


  • Improved User Groups Settings layout
  • More front end user group settings
  • Better Limits setting page in User Groups Settings
  • Enhanced Single User Access
  • Wide support for language placeholders such as {fr-FR} ... {/fr-FR}  in layouts
  • More features in 'Check Downloads' area
  • Additional Layouts for jDownloads 3.9
  • Planned support for 'modern' style links and for a 'shop' facility


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