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JComments plugin for j JComments plugin for jD3.9 HOT

Created 2019-09-14
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JComments is an extensive comment extension for Joomla. To use it with the jDownloads series 3.9 you must download the file in this Download.  Afterwards copy the unzipped file, com_jdownloads.plugin.php,  to: components/com_jcomments/plugins.

Please also see thejDownloads  JComments documentation  (opens in a new window/tab) for more details. As well as common sections in the documentation, there are separate sections for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 where relevant.

Make sure that the option "Activate support for all Joomla content plugins?" is activated in the jDownloads configuration Frontend tab
Comments are only shown in the Download Details

Do not use Komento and JComments at the same time!