In the course of this year the 1,000,000 download of jDownloads was made!

Screenshot 000776More than 15 years ago the first version of jDownloads for Joomla 1.0.15 was published by me. The functionality was initially reduced to the most essential and the first versions were unfortunately also only available in German. In the course of the following years, however, this shortcoming was quickly remedied after more and more Joomla users showed interest in this extension. Quickly, special wishes of the users were expressed, which I tried to implement even then, as far as it seemed reasonable to me. And there are now translations for almost 50 languages.

In the course of this year the 1,000,000 download of jDownloads was made (cumulated value of all versions). So by now, the number of (active) jDownloads users worldwide should be in the tens of thousands. I would like to thank the loyal users for this and I will try to keep jDownloads up to date in the future.

Since jDownloads was started as an open source project from the beginning, it was of course always free to obtain and use. Many other Joomla extensions that used to be freely available have become commercial over the last few years and are now only available through paid subscriptions. This is regrettable, but due to the ever-increasing maintenance and development costs, it is often no longer possible to do otherwise. This is certainly also due to the frequent changes that the developer team of Joomla always makes with new major versions and has also made in the past. Unfortunately, often at the expense of backward compatibility, which increases the customization work. Nevertheless, I will continue to try to offer jDownloads for free.