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We are proud to present the new jDownloads series 3.9.
This should be your choice when you are starting with jDownloads.

Our aim for the new version is, as far as possible, to support the new and recently added functions of the current Joomla! Version 3.9 and to integrate them into jDownloads.  But it was also necessary to remove or change some of the older parts of jDownloads.  This means that version 3.9 will not be backwards compatible with version 3.2.  

If  you are upgrading from an existing 3.2 installation to the new version 3.9.x please see the upgrading guide (opens in new window/tab).  It is an easy, multistep upgrade, not complicated a migration! 

If you are installing jDownloads for the first time then see the article first time installation (opens in new window/tab).

Developers whose Joomla extensions support jDownloads in any way, or have developed their own plugins or modules for this purpose, will need to rework their extensions a little bit to be compatible with jDownloads 3.9. If you find and report a bug, we aim to fix it as quickly as possible.  This will be helped when reporting a bug by giving relevant details so we are able to reproduce the problem.

Important: This version is not compatible with Joomla 4.x. A compatible version is in work and will be published in 2022.

New major features in version 3.9.x

  • The same look and feel for the downloads and categories as the articles and categories in Joomla!
  • Uses the Joomla! style Options in place of the Configuration
  • The same searchfiltering and sort methods as the core extensions in Joomla!
  • Newly designed backend control panel with more information together with quick and easy data access
  • Reworked and faster monitoring tool with many new options in the jDownloads control panel
  • Support for Joomla field groups and fields in jDownloads (replaces the previous jDownloads own custom fields)
  • New multilingual association function directly in jDownloads
  • Wide support for language placeholders such as {fr-FR} ... {/fr-FR}  in layouts
  • Enhanced support for single user access to Downloads
  • Support for Joomla! User Actions Log function
  • Optional inquiry form for users to complete before downloading
  • Installation checks for overrides, correct Database level and other key issues
  • Support for the Joomla Smart Search extension
  • Support for RTL languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, etc 
  • and much more


  • Improved User Groups Settings layout
  • More front end user group settings
  • Better Limits setting page in User Groups Settings
  • Enhanced Single User Access
  • Wide support for language placeholders such as {fr-FR} ... {/fr-FR}  in layouts
  • More features in 'Check Downloads' area
  • Additional Layouts for jDownloads 3.9
  • Planned support for 'modern' style links and for a 'shop' facility


# Changelog
All notable changes to the jDownloads series 3.9 project will be documented in this notes.
The newest changelog is always at the top!

## [Unreleased]
- Option for 'Modern URL Routing' (Implementation has been postponed until V4)
- Option for 'Cart' feature (Implementation has been postponed until V4)

## [] - 2023-03-09 Stable published.

### Fixed
- In the Download title, the link to the details view was missing, although the corresponding option was activated.

## [] - 2022-11-19 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Since the jDownloads series 3.9 is not compatible with Joomla 4, this update will suppress the execution under Joomla 4 in the future. A compatible new version 4 is under test.

## [] - 2022-11-04 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Files from folders with a dot on the first position like '.folder' was listed in the monitoring window as 'new' in the scan result.

### Changed
- Internal Search function improved

## [] - 2022-08-23 Stable published.

### Fixed
- This version fixes again a possible SQL Injection reported by GK Software SE / Germany.
- fixes a wrong (duplicate) display when using the {file_name} placeholder in jDownloads layouts.

## [] - 2022-07-18 Stable published.

### Fixed
- This version fixes a possible SQL Injection reported by GK Software SE / Germany.
- fixes error messages on summary page when licences shall be confirmed but also Downloads are listed without licenses.

## [] - 2022-04-05 Stable published.

## [] - 2022-04-05 Stable published.

### Fixed
- after the update from the function "recreate thumbnails" was unfortunately faulty. Instead of recreating all thumbnail images, they were deleted

## [] - 2022-04-05 Stable published.

### Fixed
- after an update from an older version the new placeholder image no_pic.png was missing

## [] - 2022-04-04 Stable published.

### Fixed
- a registered user could view (but not download) the names of files reserved for another user (reported by HackerHood)
- some deprecated parameter order corrected for use with PHP 8
- AJAX vote header reference corrected in com_jdownloadssiteassetsratingjsajaxvote.php
- count problem fixed in 'most recently downloaded' module
- menu items corrected in content plugin
- small corrections for multilingual using
- ensured edit Icon is shown in Downloads with no files
- corrected actions on Download button and title/image for Downloads to be consistent when Download is with/without a file and depending if Download has or has not a 'License Agree or Password or view Captcha'
- bug in default_batch.php fixed for categories and downloads (categories select fields was not viewed always with PHP 8)
- bug in frontend 'summary' view fixed (license text hint sometimes not completely displayed)

### Changed
- now using no_pic.png rather than no_pic.gif as better transparency and smaller size
- in content plugin removed some redundant code

### Added
- enhanced search to allows specifying search limited to a specified category - added creation date at bottom of backend Control Panel
- recorded image use in Most Recently Used module Logs
## [] - 2021-12-09 Stable published.

1. A serious bug in the download controller has been fixed. This only affected downloads where only a single user had the right to view.

2. Corrected fault where default layouts could be deleted. NB gives error message COM_JDOWNLOADS_BACKEND_TEMPLIST_ERROR_IS_LOCKED as language files not updated for this message.

3. Added more WCAG (accessiblity) requirement solutions.

4. Fixed bug that if the option 'Add an Image' in User Group Settings' was not set then a new Download could not be created in the Frontend.

5. Fixed bug - no valid layout in Subcategories - by ensuring 'Standard Subcategories Layout v3.9' is always selected as active.
Note that because of changes to script code the 3.2 versions of 'Standard Subcategories Layout' do not function correctly.
6. Solved the bug where there was an error in the upload count integer array

7. Also as part of preparation for version 4, changed the double quotes specifier _QQ_ in all language files to use " .

8. Updated version of the special plugin for Community Builder is now available.

9. Reget that the solution to missing 'Edit Icon' was defered to v4. It was combined with ensuring consistent operation of the Fronted options 'Activate direct-downloading', 'View Download detail page', 'Use Downloads title as download link' and 'Use Link in Symbols'.

## [3.9.8] - 2021-08-15
3.9.8 Stable published.

### Fixed
- the 'Tree' module icons also now have a unique 'alt='.
- added fix to correctly show icomoon fonts in the Overview, Search, Up and Add buttons.
- the Batch 'move' function corrected to move the selected Downloads to the correct category. Previously the 'move' did not actually move the Downloads! The Copy function was fine.
- fixed Warning about 'id' read property when viewing a Category.
- minor css fix to correct width of rename icon in backend Downloads create/edit.
- updated the Content Plugin with WCAG compliant 'alt=' references. Also added css "class=jd_filetyp_icon" in Content plugin image views.
- in a few instances where a link cannot be established with the documentation site the delay response is reduced from 60 seconds to one second. The Default generic message is shown in these situations.

### Added
- the various Help buttons in the jDownloads administration now link to the relevant jDownloads Documentation page or to the appropriate Joomla! help page. These help pages are shown in a pop-up. In a few places where there is no relevant documentation yet the help button will show a 'generic' message.
- added support for the frontend option 'Show a truncated Downloads Description' to the 'List All Downloads' and 'My Downloads' views. Also enabled the layout sections 'Before' and 'After' for these views. - enhanced the strict mime type in the display of user Votes for Downloads.

### Changed
- Module modifications. Changes have been made to the Featured, Last Updated, Latest, Most Recently Downloaded, Related and Top Modules to meet WCAG requirements.
These changes include upgradinging the generated front end view to a 'div' based structure rather than the former 'table' based one.
At the same time the 'alt=' in icons and other image displays has been upgraded so that each 'alt=' has the image name followed by a unique id.
These modules also support the Frontend Options 'Use Downloads title as download link' and 'Use Link in Symbols'.
Additionally a jdownloads_modules.css file has been introduced for individual site customising of background colours, text attributes and the like for these modules.
These modules have a version number "3.9.8"

## [] - 2021-03-17 Stable published. ### Fixed
- by upgrade from 3.2.x:
- the 'Confirm Upgrade' button could not be use anymore since Joomla 3.9.25.
- a few bugs in the upgrade process which resulted in missing option settings and not correct created 'Uncategorized' category.
- Backend: the Download 'batch' move function
- Backend: the URL vor the 'Help' button was not always correct stored in the options
### Added
- Frontend: the Download 'versions' part added in the browser title (for the download details page)
## [] - 2020-11-20 Stable published. ### Fixed - Backend: Under special circumstances an upgrade from 3.2 to the new series 3.9 was not possible if a table like prefix_jdownloads_config was still present in the database (the error: Unknown column 'file_id' in 'field list' was viewed).
- Backend: It was not possible to publish the jDownloads backend stats module in the Joomla Control Panel position cpanel.
## [] - 2020-11-07 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Frontend: the Download title was sometimes not correct linked to the Download details page

## [3.9.7] - 2020-11-03 3.9.7 Stable published. ### Changed - Frontend: in some modules are now also the assigned thumbnails linked to the target URL
- Frontend: the view of the license text improved ### Added - Backend: some new options added in settings for the monitoring function (in order to make automatic creation more flexible and to keep any necessary reworking to a minimum, the most important settings and values can be pre-configured here)
- Backend: new option added for better URL handling by symbols/icons ### Fixed - Frontend: User permissions to edit a Download
- Frontend: the menu Itemid handling corrected in some jDownloads modules (featured, last_updated, latest, rated, related and top).
- Backend: the path will now be corrected to the documentation help_url also by an upgrade

## [3.9.6] - 2020-10-03
3.9.6 Stable published.

### Changed
- Frontend: in some modules are now also the assigned thumbnails linked to the target URL

### Added
- Backend: some system checks added in admin_stats_module (exist a jDownloads main menu item? - was use the overrides function for jDownloads files or modules? - is the jDownloads system plugin active?)
- Backend: in  admin_stats_module added a new option to view the check results
- Backend: three new options added in settings to give the user the choice to select which special fields are viewed in the Downloads list (images, preview file, prices)

### Fixed
- Backend: a few small issues fixed in the batchCopy() function
- Frontend: in the internal jDownloads search fixed a bug - now is searched also in custom fields
- Backend: in jDownloads system plugin fixed a problem when single quotes are in text from default category and Download fields for monitoring
- Backend: - in the view.html.php for the control panel fixed a small bug with missing sprintf() param
- Frontend: using a 'single category' menu types fixed in router.php
- Backend: a small typo fixed in German language file

## [3.9.5] - 2020-09-11
3.9.5 Stable published.

### Changed
- Required for upgrade from 3.2 series is now again an installed version 3.2.69.
- The database requirements for an upgrade from the 3.2 series are now: MySQL 5.7MariaDB 10.2 or PostgreSQL 9.6.
- The upgrade process from the 3.2 series would be improved. 

### Added
- In upgrade part is now checked at first which database is installed on the target system.

### Fixed
- small language corrections

## [3.9.4] - 2020-08-27
3.9.4 Stable published.

### Changed
- Required for upgrade from 3.2 series is now the version 3.2.70 to stop temporary all user upgrades until the database problems are solved.

## [3.9.3] - 2020-08-26
3.9.3 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Frontend: The use of the access authorization for individual users was incorrect. So sometimes other regged users could also see this items.

## [3.9.2] - 2020-08-19
3.9.2 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Frontend: The access authorization handling was sometimes incorrect.

## [3.9.1] - 2020-08-12
3.9.1 Stable published.

First stable release!

## [] - 2020-04-29
Public Beta 6 published.

### Added
- Backend: Before the upgrade process from 3.2 to 3.9 will be started is now (once) created copies from every jDownloads database tables.
- Backend: Update progress improved so that now are old jDownloads custom fields imported as Joomla fields. This works also with values for multi-languages.
- Backend: - 1 new option setting for Monitoring added. So it is now possible to define also a default category description
- Backend: - 1 new option for frontend setting added. So it is now possible to truncate the  category description in the categories list.
- Backend: A new default layout was added for the download details view.
- Backend: A preview functionality was added for new 3.9 default layouts in the layout lists.

### Changed
- Frontend: The function to truncate descriptions was improved.
- Frontend: The css file was corrected and improved.
- Frontend: The support for the Joomla fields output was improved and extended. So it can now be used new fields layout placeholders in some layout types.
- Backend: All default layouts was corrected and improved.

### Fixed
- Backend: Any manually changed sort order was not saved in backend categories list.
- Backend: Wrong url in backend side menu for field groups fixed.
- Backend: Uploaded files could not deleted in backend Files list.
- Backend: A problem with change target category in edit form fixed (assigned file symbol would be lost afterwards).
- Backend: Sometimes it was not possible to select for a Download another Download (with other language) as language association.
- Backend: In the logs list was it impossible to add an IP to the banned list.
- Frontend: A problem with the jDownloads content plugin and the edit symbol in frontend module was fixed.
- Frontend: Small css fix for Protostar template in combination with frontend editing modal window.

### Removed
- Backend: Some not longer required old images removed from /images folder

## [] - 2020-01-14
Public Beta 5 published.

### Added
- 2 new File type icon sets.
- 52 new Folder icons.
- 2 new Smart Search plugins (for jD Downloads and jD Categories).
- Backend: A column for the categories description added in the categories list. The text is displayed via a tooltip symbol.
- Backend: A Refresh button in the control panel toolbar added. Useful after every Monitoring action to see the results in the control panel.
- Backend: Credits added in the Info page.

### Changed
- Backend: Frontend tab options in configuration reorganizated and improved.
- Backend: In the license list is now viewed a possible link to an external license text as URL and can be opened directly in a new browser window.
- Installation: During an upgrade from version 3.2 to 3.9 will be installed now also the new layouts from 3.9.
- The functions to get a shorter (truncated) string would be improved.

### Fixed
- jdownloads_custom.css removed from package to prevent an overwriting the existing ones.
- Frontend: The 'Sort Order' bar has not work correctly in the 'All Downloads' view.
- Frontend: The w3.css file could not be loaded correctly. Updated also to the newest version.
- Frontend: A lot of corrections in the jdownloads_fe.css

## [] - 2019-11-24
Public Beta 4 published.

### Added
- Backend: A column for the assigned preview file added in the Downloads list
- Backend: Added the possibility to open the preview file in a special modal window in the Downloads list
- Backend: Added a Lightbox functionality for the assigned images in the Downloads list
- Backend: New option added to view a 'featured' Download with another background color
- Layouts:  Additional multi column layout for the subcategories view added 
- Layouts:  Two additional more compact layouts for the Downloads view added
- Layouts:  New layout placeholder Information added and the corresponding language key

### Fixed
- Frontend: Small CSS file corrections
- Frontend: Files title in rated module fixed
- Backend: Pagination (type ALL) fixed in Downloads list

## [] - 2019-10-22
Public Beta 3 published.

### Fixed
- Activation of the 'Display add/upload icon' option in the 'User Groups Settings' fixed
- The Lightbox script works now also when the Tree Module is activated
- Small CSS correction for frontend (.jd_categories_title_v46)

### Changed
- The Lightbox script updated to Lightbox v2.11.1 (undefined)
- The early Lightbox tag (in jD layouts) will now be replaced with the new syntax. So multi images in a single Download will be viewed as (leaf throug) image sets.

### Removed
- The additional Lightbox sub folder in the content plugin (not more required)

## [] - 2019-10-11
Public Beta 2 published.

### Added
- Part to insert language key text {de-DE} ...  {/de-DE} in layouts
### Fixed
- A small bug in the categories default.php (the 'after' layout text field was not added to the output)
- Wrong sortorder for 'file language' select box
- The category creation process to make a title like 0 possible
- Fix to update the 'modified' date correct
- The form name in the backend Download edit form (the file pic is now displayed again)
- 'sprintf' string corrected for 'User Limit Messages' (so that floating-point numbers are now correct displayed)

### Changed
- Upgrade messages in language files
- Items for 'Platform' select box updated in language files
- Permissions changed for 'layouts' in the backend to core.manage
- Will be tried to view 'a not allowed Download' is now redirect to the login url

### Removed
- jdownloads_config.xml in jDownloads Falang folder (not more required)

## [3.9.0] - 2019-09-07
First public beta release published.