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This Category has "Add-ons" for the jDownloads 3.2 & 2.5 Series that allow jDownloads to integrate with other Extensions (e.g. for SEF/SEO, AlphaUserPoints and other Components).  If you need extensions for the older jDownloads series the look in the 'Archive' category.

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zip0Community Builder Plugin for jDownloads3.22.0.10 HOT
(38 votes)

This special Community Builder plugin allowing showing those Downloads that the user has created in from the component jDownloads. Originally created for Joomla articles by Krileon - Modified version for jDownloads 3.2 series. For installation you must use the plugin manager from Community Builder, it is not possible to install it via Joomla installer.

Please see the documentation:


Created 2015-09-21
Changed 2019-09-21
Version 2.0.10
Size 10.11 KB
Created by Super User
Filedate 2015-09-21
zip1JComments Plugin for jDownloads2.3 HOT
(27 votes)

JComments is an extensive comment extension for Joomla. To use it with the jDownloads series 3.2.x you must download this file. Afterwards copy the unzipped file to: components/com_jcomments/plugins.

Created 2015-05-27
Changed 2015-12-06
Version 2.3
Size 985 B
Created by Super User
Filedate 2015-08-11
zip2Komento Plugin for jDownloads0.3c HOT
(30 votes)

The Komento Plugin allows you to use the comment component Komento with the jDownloads series 3.2.x. This version of the plugin does not support older Joomla or jDownloads versions.

Make sure that the option "Activate support for all Joomla content plugins?" is activated in the jDownloads configuration  Frontend tab!

Please copy the unzipped file to the Komento component subfolder '/komento_plugins' in your Joomla installation. Then check  the settings in Komento.

Comments are only possible in the Downloads details page.

Created 2014-12-03
Changed 2015-12-06
Version 0.3c
Size 2.9 KB
Created by Super User
Filedate 2015-08-11