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Created: 2023-02-13
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 The original creator of JComments has decided not to upgrade to a Joomla 4 version!
However the 'estreme' organsation have created a Joomla 4 version.

The Joomla 4 compatible version of JComments from estreme can be downloaded here.  Please also see the jDownloads Documentation for more details.

JComments 4 is an extensive comment extension for Joomla 4. To use it with the jDownloads series 4 you must download this file.  Afterwards copy the unzipped file, com_jdownloads.plugin.php,  to: components/com_jcomments/plugins (and overwrite the old version).   jDownloads version 4.0.17 beta (or newer) is required.

You have the correct version if the archive file name is ''

Make sure that the option "Activate support for all Joomla content plugins?" is activated in the jDownloads configuration Frontend tab
Note: Comments are only shown in the Download Details page. But the amount of comments can be viewed in the Categories, All Downloads and My Downloads page. Do not use Komento and JComments at the same time! 

Created: 2023-04-08
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This special Community Builder plugin allowing showing those Downloads that the user has created in jDownloads.  It gives a similar list as using menu item  'my downloads' but in the Community builder environment.

You will need to have installed Community Builder version 2.8.0 or later in Joomla 4.
This Plugin is installed using facilites in Community Builder - please DO NOT attempt to use the Joomla Plugin Installation.
See the documentation at Community Builder Plugin (opens in a new window) for installation and uses.

:   Presently the only know 'challenge' is that it does not show the number of Downloads created by the user. This is being investigated.

Created: 2023-04-20
Version: v1
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Download the file and extract the Plugin 'com_jdownloads.php'.

copy the file com_jdownloads.plugin.php to <yoursite>/components/com_komento/komento_plugins

using an ftp utility such as File Zilla, your site control panel or a Joomla files manager extension.

There will be a file with that name already at that location so overwrite it with the present one downloaded from jDownloads.

See the documentation at