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Access Problem after use .htaccess from Admin Tools! - [Solved]

Started by barraclm, 05.12.2022 20:45:28

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Users are unable to download files using jDownload. They get a 403 forbidden message. I have established that this is definitely the result of a re-write rule in the .htaccess file. My hosting company have told me so (from their log files). Also, .htaccess derived from copying htaccess.txt allows the download but .htaccess derived from AdminTools .htaccess maker doesn't allow Downloads.

All my downloads are pdf files, however there are zillions of re-write rules in my .htaccess file and even lots with pdf in them. Does anyone have any idea which rule I need to amend or at least, what I should be looking for?
Note from ColinM
See article
Section 'Admin Tools causing 403 Forbidden'


Well, it wasn't a re-write rule issue and it was nothing to do with LiteSpeed. It was actually my .htaccess file, as created by Admin Tools, which was blocking user access to the download.

jDownloads is using directories outside of Joomla's standard locations for downloads. Admin Tools considers this to be "bad practice". So, if you are using an .htaccess file created by Admin Tools, it is necessary to explicitly include all jDownloads category sub-directories (this is easily done using the Admin Tools .htaccess maker tool). However, because the directory name cannot have spaces in it, this means that jDownloads category names cannot have spaces in them.

It would be great if this could be added to the documentation.


Thanks for this hint. But I do not understand why the folder names cannot have spaces in them. Dadurch ist diese Funktion von Admin Tools nicht zu gebrauchen und sollte auf keiner Webseite mit jDownloads verwendet werden. This makes this function of Admin Tools unusable and should not be used on any website with jDownloads.  >:(

I have contacted Colin and think he will add this to the documentation. Thanks!
Best Regards / Gruß
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