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Hi, first, thanks very much for the great component. 3.9 is looking really solid and fixes a lot of the previous version's issues.

I have successfully set up my downloads to use the Inquiry Form. I'd like to open the form in a modal window, which I can do, but when it loads it's got the site template applied to it, with the full site header, menus, showcase, etc.

Is there a way to simply output the form on its own? I don't mind using a component override if needed. Or, if easier, can I specify which template gets applied? It's weird, as it's applying a template that isn't the default or the template used on the page where the download link is generated.

Thanks very much.
Re: Possible to display Inquiry Form without site template?
« Reply #1 on: 04.12.2019 17:54:30 »
For now I was able to get the result I was looking for by amending /controllers/download.php line 572 from
Code: [Select]
                $survey_url = JRoute::_($root_url.'index.php?option=com_jdownloads&view=survey&id='.$fileid.'&catid='.$catid.'&Itemid='.$itemid);


Code: [Select]
                $survey_url = JRoute::_($root_url.'index.php?option=com_jdownloads&view=survey&tmpl=component&id='.$fileid.'&catid='.$catid.'&Itemid='.$itemid);
Re: Possible to display Inquiry Form without site template?
« Reply #2 on: 17.12.2019 12:57:26 »
sorry for the late reply.
Fine that you have already found a solution.
Please note that this is the first option to use an inquire form and it is planned to add here later a lot more of possibility.
We will publish in the next days also the Beta 5 version and hope that this will be the last beta.  ;)
Best Regards / Gruß
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