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Upload and select date failed -[SOLVED ]

Started by jeery2212, 24.12.2022 16:46:54

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I have a problem on the frontend (working on the backend); when adding a file, the Save button is not working, also, the date fields do not open a calendar.

I tested by switching back to php 7.4 instead of 8.1, it is identical.
I tried a complete deletion of the pluggin and deleted the table from the database; then a clean reinstallation, the problem persists.

I am in joomla version 3.10.11
and : jDownloads Version - Date: 19/08/22 © 2007 - 2022 - Arno Betz

I also noticed that the Modele menu does not work in Backend.

I hav you a idea to resolve this ?

Note by ColinM
Problem was caused by use of an 'advanced' template



I found the reason for the problem.

It was related to the use of the JA Purtiy III template and the T3 framework in the frontend.

By switching to a more basic but similar template (ja_simpli); everything is working again.
We can close this problem