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I have to upgrade to joomla 4 a site currently joomla 3.9.23 withJdownload version 3.2.60

To do this I took an independent third level domain (for php version reasons) on which I restored a backup (test site) of the production site that works in all its parts.

I changed the path in the Jdownload configuration

In the test site in the Jdownload component I find the following error message:

ERROR: the root folder of the files to download does not exist!

Please create the two directories / downloads and / downloads / tempzipfiles in your Joomla root folder using the FTP program and set the rights on CHMOD 0777 - otherwise jDownloads will not work correctly!

if I try to download a file from the frontend I get the following error message:

The requested file was not found. Please inform the site administrator .: Aris Sanita n 4.pdf

I repeat that in the production site the component works perfectly
The folders in the test site are identical to those of the site in production and the permissions are correctly set 777

I guess I made some big mistake, can you kindly give me some indication to solve the problem?

thank you

database           mysql
database ver   5.5.62-38.14-log
Versione PHP   5.6.40
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jD3.9 does not run on Joomla 4 yet!!
we expect to get it available soon - nearly at the beta release version
If you ask how long then there are 2 answers: (1) as soon as poosible (20 twice as long as half of the time
It is of course our top priority

PS you should first upgrade to jD 3.9 see documentation - it is a two stage process not like a regylar upgrade within a series.
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Colin M
Uh great...
Ok I will wait
Another question if possible: can I use a 3.2.60 version on mysql 5.7.0?

thank you for support!
Not sure about 3.2.60 and mysql 5.7.0 -it is a long time ago that I checked database on jD 3.2 but think it is OK
I would suggest you update to 3.2.69 and then to the 3.9 series where 5.7 is ok

Colin M
See https://downloads.joomla.org/technical-requirements for version 3.2. It should be the same with jDownloads 3.2.

Please note that the version 3.2.60 is not safe! So you should update as minimum to 3.2.69.
Best Regards / Gruß
Please make a Donation for jDownloads and/or write a review on the Joomla! Extensions directory!
Thank you all for support!