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The jDownloads component for Joomla 3.x and 2.5 is located here. Note that when you install the jD Component all the standard jDownloads plugins and modules are also automatically installed.

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This Category has "Add-ons" that allow jDownloads to integrate with other Extensions (e.g. for SEF/SEO, AlphaUserPoints and other Components). All extensions in this category are compatible to the new jDownloads series 2.5/3.2. If you need extensions for the older jDownloads series the look in the 'Archive' category.

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You find here older jDownloads versions together with his special extensions! Please use this only when you have not another choice. Important: All here listed extensions will not more officially supported from us.

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This Download area is simply to show examples of the <div based layouts.

See below for slideshow exampes of the new layouts on different sized devices.

The views are illustrative as some updates and improvements have been made since the pictures were taken. Also note that jD now correctly 'scales' video and audio previews. Two phone simulators were chosen, one as a typical example and the other as probably the minimum viable pixel size at 240-by-320 pixels. A plugin is used to present slide shows in the description part of the Downloads.

Use the slide controls at bottom right of each slide show There is also a slide counter at bottom left.