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Best Joomla Theme

Started by Youtube Downloader MP3, 30.09.2012 12:17:54

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Youtube Downloader MP3

I mainly use Wordpress but am curious about Joomla. What is a good theme to use with Adsense ads?
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Hi Youtube Downloader,

You can actually plug in your adsense module to any pages you want. As regards themes, there is lots of good ones out there.

This is definitely worth having a look at:

All you need to do is copy and paste your adsense code into your selected pages - AND it's free.

As regards themes, this is a personal favorite of mine; but it all depends on your site etc - there is so many to choose from.

Hope this helps,



Someone can help me with a template about movies?Thanks


My favorit for joomla templates is:  ;)
Best Regards / Gruß
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Try theme forest or yootheme for getting best one that fit your requirements.


You can grab one from themeforest or themelock.


I would love to get review on the theme I selected for my project portfolio management business. See here