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Hi Friends!
We are using jDownloads Version on Joomla3.x.
Here we have some files freely downloadable and others upon free registration. The files freely downloadable are set as "Access Public", the others upon free registration are set as "Access Registered" and here all works fine.

Now we have created a special group "editorial staff " and give it all permissions (Options -> Permissions -> "editorial staff " -> all allowed.

Now the "editorial staff" group can perfectly view and edit, on backend Downloads area, only download/files with public access level, the download/files set as "registered" are not accessible/visible from backend.

Where are we going wrong?

Many many thanks!


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A common 'challenge' is forgetting to set the Ranking for the user group. Maybe that is the problem See

Suggest you set the Ranking to say 131 or similar

Hope this cures your problem

PS Think I misread your query - will send an PM
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Colin M
Hi ColinM, thanks for your help, I found it very useful!!

The group user "editorial staff" had as main group "Public" and changing only its ranking did not sort the hope result.
I've try to increase the "Public" ranking over the Super User group, but this did not sort the hope result too.

So I've changed into Joomla -> Users -> Group the "editorial staff" main group to Registered, and this sort the hope result.
Then I've try to change, into JD, above and below the "editorial staff" ranking but this did not produce significant results.

Attach a screenshot of the current user group schema
The first thing is to set the ranking of 'editorial staff' to a value such as 129.
Next in User Group Settings set the parts that you what  the 'editorial staff' to be able to change or set.

After that then go to Categories and in turn select each Top Level Category ( use the Search options and select Max levels = 1)

In each Top level Cat go toPermissions and select UG 'editorial Staff' and set the permissions such as create, edit, edit state and edit own to Allowed.  A green tick mark will appear.  The do a Save -NOT Save & Close. When the view reappears the tick marks should have disappeared - this shows that the permissions have propogated through any subcats of that top cat and to the Downloads. Now do the Save & Close
Repeat for the next top level Cat.

Should now be done

Colin M
Hi ColinM and thanks (a lot!!) for your help!
Give me some time to organize myself and for recreate locally the same environment and test all you suggest, then I will tell you if it could be the right way ;-)

thanks thanks again!

Hi david,
We are using jDownloads Version on Joomla3.x.
That was the first beta version! So you should so fast as possible update to the newest release. But create before an complete backup.
Best Regards / Gruß
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