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Issue For Jdownloads [NOT A BUG}
« on: 18.04.2022 09:36:21 »

I'm using JDownloads with joomla 3.10.8 , PHP: 7.4 . There is a problem for jdownloads v3. and v3. Version did not have this problem.

I couldn't find the reason. Can you check if I send the site login information to you?

The description page does not appear when the file download title is clicked. The download page appears directly.
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Re: Issue For Jdownloads
« Reply #1 on: 18.04.2022 16:35:16 »

Problem solved. The problem is due to hcaptcha. Will hcaptcha be used in later versions?
Re: Issue For Jdownloads
« Reply #2 on: 19.04.2022 01:38:03 »
We will probly stay with the one in Joomla!
Colin M