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Remake all Thumbnails
« on: 24.01.2022 20:08:46 »
Im just wondering I have over 20,000 thumbnails which are all different sizes and I would like to remake them all into 1 size in jdownloads, I have tried the admin options but keeps timing out. Im just wondering if there is any other way on doing it like a Cron Job or something.

if not any recommendations on the settings I should use for php.ini my settings are
memory_limit   512M
post_max_size   512M
upload_max_filesize   512M
max_input_time   160
max_execution_time   300

im currently running on a private server with 32GB ram so I dont know if the settings im using is not enough or is too much.

ive never been any good with php settings. Im also wondering if anyone could explain what Maximum Input Variables is as I cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone I know its not really a jdownloads question but I also dont know if it needs to be increased for Jdownloads or not it is currently set at 1000.

thanks again, Regards Matt.
Re: Remake all Thumbnails
« Reply #1 on: 25.01.2022 10:58:35 »
Hi Matt,
20 thousand is really a lot!  :o

I'm not sure that this is possible with the resize function in jDownloads.
But I think this three params should be changed:
max_input_time   160
max_execution_time   300
memory_limit   512M

I would try it with:
max_input_time  -1
max_execution_time  3000
memory_limit   1024M

When this not works you could try to change it step by step.
Create two new folders. The first original the second maybe ready.
Move then 15000 pics to the temporary original folder and run the first resizing process.
When succesful move the 5000 then to the ready folder. 
Start now the next step with the next 5000 files from the original folder, and so on.
But maybe is 5000 pics already to much. Try it out.

Another way could be to contact your hoster. He should know which maximum values could be help by your params.
Good luck!  ;)

Best Regards / Gruß
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Re: Remake all Thumbnails
« Reply #2 on: 26.01.2022 03:46:05 »
Thanks Again Arno, Cant really ask my host as its a private dedicated self managed server that im running on, The database is getting very large and its growing daily the website is only just over 3 years old and has 24,448 Thumbnails and over 8,000 downloads. I will give max_input_time  -1, max_execution_time  3000, memory_limit   1024M a shot and see what happens hopefully it will work. Once again thanks for your advice.

Regards Matt.
Re: Remake all Thumbnails
« Reply #3 on: 27.01.2022 02:57:09 »
ok my server managed to recreate all 24,000 thumbnails after changing settings Arno recommended it helped took longer before it timedout but still timedout I also changed a extra setting in php.ini
default_socket_timeout = 3000

and adding to the httpd.conf also known as apache2.conf
timeout 3000

and alittle hack to google chrome so if anyone else has this issue with browser timeout and you have tried changing all the settings in both your php.ini and httpd.conf but still have issues on the browser timing out then what you need to do is :

first right click on your google chrome icon and add a shortcut to your desktop then right click the short cut and scroll down to properties

then change your target address from "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" to "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-hang-monitor and click ok open your shortcut this will open a new google chrome browser but with the browser timeout disabled which will allow your jdownloads to continue and will timeout from the server instead of the browser timingout.

Hope this helps if anyone has the same issue, Just remember always backup your website beforehand this worked for me but does not mean it will work for you, This is on your back and I wont take any responsibility. On the other hand I hope this information helps as it has been months of research trying to figure this problem out.

A Big Thank you to Arno for his help and if anyone can explain what Maximum Input Var is for and what it does please let me know.

Regards Matt.
Re: Remake all Thumbnails
« Reply #4 on: 27.01.2022 11:41:33 »
Max Input Var is the maximum number of variables that you can have in the active PHP script.  The default is 1000 and that is ok for the scripts in jD.
Note iiyou use an array of size say 100 then that use 101 variables as PHP arrays stat at 0

Colin M