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Download keeps breaking off
« on: 13.12.2021 19:14:36 »
Good evening, I hope that my english cannot be understood. I'm out of practice.

I only have one question:
For me, the downloads keep breaking off. The error occurs as follows:
The file starts downloading and suddenly the speed goes from 3.5 MBITS to 0 Mbits and the error comes Network problems.

The joke here is that I load this file via another program e.g. Phocadownload does not cancel it.

Did I forget to set something here in the new version?

I suspected that either the file is loaded too quickly and Jdownloads does not support that, or it is some other problem.

Can anyone help me?

Warm greetings from Germany
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #1 on: 13.12.2021 23:42:34 »

OK I found the bug.
Process the download via PHP script
I have now switched off but now he can no longer find the path.
If I turn on the process of downloading via PHP script again, the problem is there again with larger files.

I host the server myself with Windows Server 2012

The path for me is C: // Site // Site // jdownloads

He haunts who I download via PHP script turn off the exact link but one thing is missing in the link
The colon of C:

Isn't there another way to download larger files?

I'm not looking through that right now.
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #2 on: 14.12.2021 11:31:45 »

This sounds to me like a server problem but will check furtherColin
Colin M
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #3 on: 14.12.2021 13:55:20 »
Thank you ColinM for your answer.

Server problem? Unfortunately, I cannot say that everything works and the server is idling without errors. Even Joomla Debug hardly spits out errors.

The problem here is only with Jdownloads with the PHP script it cannot download large files because it cancels the download.
If I switch php script off again, it already finds the file path but the colon of C: is missing in the address.

The only thing I can still imagine is that it doesn't support C: but that C: has to be converted to root. But how it works I have to read it first or look for a description of how it is done.
For years I had never had problems with it because all Joomla Components C: supports or C: is not required as a directory specification.
Jdownloads is the only problem.

It would be the best advice and tip to revise Jdownloads again. The people who host the server themselves with C: path specification do not have any problems. The C: is not needed in the path specification but the / as the main directory is sufficient.

The only thing that helps me so far is to turn on the PHP script again and to have the larger files downloaded with an external link (if he doesn't have problems with the PHP script, I'll test it right away).

Jdownloads is a good component in my opinion, one of the best. Better like Phocadownload and many more.
So I would find it a shame if Jdownload would fail because of large files and path problems.
The problem urgently needs to be worked on by the developers.

If you can think of a solution how to solve the problem when I turn off PHP script and then because of my main directory C: the address cannot be found, please let me know.
Until then I will be satisfied with external links if this is possible with PHP Script not that it also breaks large files.

I wish everyone a nice day.

Warm greetings from Germany
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #4 on: 14.12.2021 18:12:25 »
There is no intrinsic problem with downloading large file size.  I have used sizes of a gigabyte and more.
Just a thought. Have set any Download size limits in the User Group settings 

Also have you set the max limit on the logging file? See settings in the jD System Plugin.  Advised limit is 93 days - it is the default
Colin M
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #5 on: 14.12.2021 21:36:28 »
Hello Colin
No, I have not set a limit in the user group settings. I also put everything back to the standard.
I am registered as a super user who has why there is no limit, as soon as I download large files with the php script, he breaks and haunts the message from network problems or connection lost etc.
but the connection is always there. if i download the file without jdwonloader there are no problems. only with jdownloads there seem to be problems, I go there and turn off the php script (where it also says that larger files can lead to connection interruptions with the php script) he finds C: because of my main directory or he finds it only works correct path not because the colon at the C is missing he haunted the link like this: C // what is wrong would be correct C: //
in the settings there is also C: // Joomla / jdownloads in the main directory line.

Unfortunately I cannot use the Jdownloader without php script. and with php script he constantly loses connection with large files.

Is it not possible to enter main directory / jdownloads in the setting? I tried it doesn't work. Because / (slash) is actually the main directory of the joomla folder at the beginning. but no doesn't work he wants the long path with C: // and it doesn't work without php script

As already said no limit is active and max. Size of the
I even increased the log file to the highest possible value 999. The standard is 32
it doesn't work with both, it is simply because jdownloads doesn't support self-hosted servers because they work with C: // provider server with root or / as the origin.
Not mean to you or you Colin

I am now trying something that comes to my mind. I'm trying to get the origin of C: // on / with the pre-existing folder. if that does not work then, as I said, jdownloads does not support self-hosted servers without php script with php script yes but there are problems with large files.

Incidentally, I even switched off all virus protection and web protection for the test because I suspected that they were interfering with the download. But no, that's not the reason, as I said with other components than download it just doesn't work with jdwonload.
But I would still prefer to use jdwonload because a nice module is included for the limits unsw

As I said, I will now try the virtual folder to see whether the original C: // is still required or whether C: // can be left out.
I would be interested in what and how to make changes to the main directory that are also accepted. is there any documentation on this?
jdownloads only works if I put C: // in front of it again but I want the C: // to have gone that the download works without php script.

I will now try the virtual directory first
Warm greetings from Germany
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #6 on: 14.12.2021 21:49:44 »
OK Colin
That doesn't work with the virtual directory either.

It's just weird when I upload the file with jdownloads and then download it with download via PHP script, it only loads 2 mb or sometimes 15 mb of 80 mb and breaks off.
I turn off download via PHP script again and then want to download error does not find the right path or he finds it as I said, but it haunts the link without a colon so like this: C //

now I have switched to external download again, it just doesn't work and I reactivated the process of downloading via PHP script.
The funny thing about it is the external link leads exactly to the jdownloads folder and lo and behold, it works because it does not abort the download.
Only when I upload the file via jdownload.
Strange just strange the whole thing

well maybe you or the one else can think of what it could be.

until then I say Merry Christmas to everyone and please stay healthy!

Warm greetings from Germany
Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #7 on: 15.12.2021 02:01:13 »
Hallo Jens,
sorry habe jetzt erst dein Problem gesehen.
Ich schick dir mal eine PM.  ;)
Best Regards / Gruß
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Re: Download keeps breaking off
« Reply #8 on: 15.12.2021 20:42:41 »
Ok Arno hab dir geschrieben