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Request : Donations system

Started by 614cooker, 12.12.2021 23:31:45

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As always Jdownloads is great but I wonder if it is possible to include a donation system to allow users who download files to provide a donation reward to the users who created the file. for example a person has created the uploaded file and a user who downloaded the file could give a donation to the person who created the file.

If there is a way to include a paypal donation button on the download details page and can the user who uploads the file can include a paypal address on the upload page.

I think it would be a great addition to jdownloads and would allow users to get rewarded for there hard work.

I hope it makes sense. its just a thought.
Keep up the great work. Matt.


Thanks for the input.
One of our objectives is to include a 'payment gateway' but not yet implemented.  Almost certain is that it will include a Paypal gateway

At present you can use AUP points as currency where the user has to use points.  One way is that the user has to purchase the points.If you look at the documentation will see it covers all your suggestionsThe downside is that it costs 25 Euro to get the paypal extension from Nordmograph to buy the points!
Best wishesColin

Colin M


hi colin, The points system is a great way to charge for downloading and a payment gateway is again another way but I was thinking about a system were users can earn money from there downloads.

for example
1. You uploaded a file for free but want to ask for donations you could include your own paypal address in the upload page.
2. I download the file and think heck this is fantastic I wish I could give a donation.
3. I go onto the download page and see there is a donation button to support you the developer and allows me to give you a donation and not the website owner.

or a points system
1. so again you uploaded a file for free but again want to ask for donations
2. I download the file and think wow its fantastic I wish I could provide a donation
3. I purchase 100 points from the website owner.
4. I go to the download page and click a donation button.
5. I give 50 points to you as a donation.
6. You receive 50 points and now can be cashed out.
7. You convert the 50 points to £5 which is then paid into your paypal account.

and you could even make it were the website takes a small cut which goes towards the website owner.

like I said its a idea which ive seen used on other websites and just thought it might be a great addition to jdownloads.
Regards Matt.



Hi Matt,
Quotelike I said its a idea which ive seen used on other websites and just thought it might be a great addition to jdownloads.

Please could you send me a PM with an example?
Best Regards / Gruß
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