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Sub Category List Limit

Started by mhoney, 30.10.2021 18:54:19

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I have a request - please remove the limit of 25 subcategory rows per page. 

I don't understand why this limit exists.  You can have any number of main categories per page, and any number of downloads per page, but the subcategories has a limit of 25.  This limit I'm referring to is in the front end configuration under items per page.  Thank you. 

P.S. - the number of ads on this forum is absolutely ridiculous!  If funds are tight, maybe consider charging for major upgrades and get rid of the annoying ads.  I'd be happy to pay for the great support you guys provide.



Apologies for the delay in replying.  I have now had a chance to look into this and set up an example with a large number of subcats. 
First I would point out that if one uses the multicolumn subcat layout then then this will show  upto 100 entries per page.
Ther appears to be no technical reason why the limit could not be increased.  I will check out if the pull down selector can be modified to offfer a higher number of rows in 'nonlinear' steps.
PS I will pass your comments about the amount of advertising to Arno who looks after this
Colin M


Thank you for the reply.  I look forward to hopefully having a way to choose/list more than 25 sub categories per page in the future.


Hi mhoney,
maybe exist here a misunderstanding.

The option field Number of Subcategory rows to show per page is only use when you have enabled the option Show navigation for

So when you want to view all subcategories on a single page it is always possible. Disable in this case the option Show navigation for Subcategories. See example pics. One example with  enabled option and another one with the disabled option.

Important: Please make sure that you use one from the new subcategories layout for version 3.9. Please check this. The 3.9 part should exist in the activated layout title.
Best Regards / Gruß
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