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Category creation on frontend by user
« on: 09.09.2021 16:01:52 »
Hi there,

I am quite new to jdownloads having it installed and configured for my Joomla driven site just today.
Currently the upload and management in the backend is working well and also the download creation via frontend is working.

I am currently struggling to understand if a authorized user can not only create downloads via the frontend but also create new categories via the frontend? Is there a setting available to enable this?

We are planning to use this to share voice recordings and I would like to use a seperate category for every song (like a folder).

Many thanks for your support!

Best Regards
Re: Category creation on frontend by user
« Reply #1 on: 10.09.2021 18:21:33 »
Phillip,The general structure of jDpwnloads is to group Downlodas of the same 'characterisic' in a Ctegory or sub category. And then put Downloads of the same 'character' in the same category or subcategory.  There is one root directory which is not generally  accessible and is normally called jdownloads. The top level Categories (directories) start from there and the whole is a normal tree type stucture.  Clusters of Dowloads may belong in any category.

Regetably there are no facilities to create Categories in the front end.  Allowing users to do that could prove 'challenging'.
In the music field one might think of categories say by composer or by genre  - actually you can have Downloads in different categories all referencing the same downloadable file.
In my experience having one Download per category means a lot of searching by the users.
Colin M