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I just upgraded from 3.2.69 and set everything up as it's supposed to be including enabling the content plugin and assigning default layouts, etc. When I put {jd_file file==ID of download} in an article I get the button on the frontend but the link is appended by ?Itemid=101  e.g. https://mysite.com/nameOfPage?Itemid=101 and I end up going to the homepage.

I've clicked on the download icon in the actual download in jdownloads and the correct document opens up so I know it's configured correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Re: ?Itemid=101
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Could you please check that the user has view Acces to the Download and permission to Download.  A 'challenge' with Access has been detected and is undergoing final chercks before being released
Colin M
Re: ?Itemid=101
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Thanks for the reply. Yeah, user rights are configured correctly. I got the vibe that there was a little challenge in the software which is understandable. I'll wait for the update and thank you for your hard work.