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Upload directory on external server
« on: 17.05.2020 23:51:57 »
Dear JD team. Thank you for your fantastic extension. As others before have noted setting the upload directory path to an external file server is a really important criteria for using jdownloads in advanced projects. You do not want to have your large file repository on the expensive (fast and secure) webspace. It would be fantastic if you could manage to complete this in V3.9.
Re: Upload directory on external server
« Reply #1 on: 18.05.2020 10:52:38 »
Thanks for your remarks. :)
As you probably know one can create/edit Downloads to have the downloadable file already on an external site. See
The biggest challenge to uploading to an 'external' site is the diversity of such sites!  There is just no simple way to get to them - all have protection and logon details or similar.  It would be very difficut to handle them all.
Would appreciate any comments on above article.  Incidentally if there is another type of extrenal service you think should be added please let me know.  I have no experince of the Amazon service so any practical info...
Colin M