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Search download logs by date in 3.2
« on: 18.02.2020 18:46:40 »
Sorry if this had been posted before that I just couldn't locate.

Anyway, in back-end, search Download logs by date, e.g., "2020-02-01" that used to work in V1.8.6 no longer works in V3.2.66. Am I missing something?
Re: Search download logs by date in 3.2
« Reply #1 on: 19.02.2020 12:56:21 »
You have been using jD longer than I have as I started at v2.5!
The Seach of the log file is now only on the contents of the title.  This is also the situation in the forthcoming v3.9 but now would be a good time to place the suggestion in the 3.9 requests that the search tools are extended to include date, perhaps language and filename.Colin
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