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Changelog 3.9 Series

Started by Arno, 23.10.2019 00:23:52

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# Changelog
All notable changes to the jDownloads series 3.9 project will be documented in this notes.
The newest changelog is always at the top!

## [Unreleased]
- Option for 'Modern URL Routing'
- Option for 'Cart' feature

## [] - 2020-11-07 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Frontend: the Download title was sometimes not correct linked to the Download details page

## [3.9.7] - 2020-11-03
3.9.7 Stable published.

### Changed
- Frontend: in some modules are now also the assigned thumbnails linked to the target URL
- Frontend: the view of the license text improved

### Added
- Backend: some new options added in settings for the monitoring function (in order to make automatic creation more flexible and to keep any necessary reworking to a minimum, the most important settings and values can be pre-configured here)
- Backend: new option added for better URL handling by symbols/icons

### Fixed
- Frontend: User permissions to edit a Download
- Frontend: the menu Itemid handling corrected in some jDownloads modules (featured, last_updated, latest, rated, related and top).
- Backend: the path will now be corrected to the documentation help_url also by an upgrade

## [3.9.6] - 2020-10-03
3.9.6 Stable published.

### Changed
- Frontend: in some modules are now also the assigned thumbnails linked to the target URL

### Added
- Backend: some system checks added in admin_stats_module (exist a jDownloads menu item? - was use the overrides function for jDownloads files or modules? - is the jDownloads system plugin active?)
- Backend: in  admin_stats_module added a new option to view the check results
- Backend: three new options added in settings to give the user the choice to select which special fields are viewed in the Downloads list (images, preview file, prices)

### Fixed
- Backend: a few small issues fixed in the batchCopy() function
- Frontend: in the internal jDownloads search fixed a bug - now is searched also in custom fields
- Backend: in jDownloads system plugin fixed a problem when single quotes are in text from default category and Download fields for monitoring
- Backend: - in the view.html.php for the control panel fixed a small bug with missing sprintf() param
- Frontend: using a 'single category' menu types fixed in router.php
- Backend: a small typo fixed in German language file

## [3.9.5] - 2020-09-11
3.9.5 Stable published.

### Changed
- Required for upgrade from 3.2 series is now again an installed version 3.2.69.
- The database requirements for an upgrade from the 3.2 series are now: MySQL 5.7, MariaDB 10.2 or PostgreSQL 9.6.
- The upgrade process from the 3.2 series would be improved. 

### Added
- In upgrade part is now checked at first which database is installed on the target system.

### Fixed
- small language corrections

## [3.9.4] - 2020-08-27
3.9.4 Stable published.

### Changed
- Required for upgrade from 3.2 series is now the version 3.2.70 to stop temporary all user upgrades until the database problems are solved.

## [3.9.3] - 2020-08-26
3.9.3 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Frontend: The use of the access authorization for individual users was incorrect. So sometimes other regged users could also see this items.

## [3.9.2] - 2020-08-19
3.9.2 Stable published.

### Fixed
- Frontend: The access authorization handling was sometimes incorrect.

## [3.9.1] - 2020-08-12
3.9.1 Stable published.

First stable release!

## [] - 2020-04-29
Public Beta 6 published.

### Added
- Backend: Before the upgrade process from 3.2 to 3.9 will be started is now (once) created copies from every jDownloads database tables.
- Backend: Update progress improved so that now are old jDownloads custom fields imported as Joomla fields. This works also with values for multi-languages.
- Backend: - 1 new option setting for Monitoring added. So it is now possible to define also a default category description
- Backend: - 1 new option for frontend setting added. So it is now possible to truncate the  category description in the categories list.
- Backend: A new default layout was added for the download details view.
- Backend: A preview functionality was added for new 3.9 default layouts in the layout lists.

### Changed
- Frontend: The function to truncate descriptions was improved.
- Frontend: The css file was corrected and improved.
- Frontend: The support for the Joomla fields output was improved and extended. So it can now be used new fields layout placeholders in some layout types.
- Backend: All default layouts was corrected and improved.

### Fixed
- Backend: Any manually changed sort order was not saved in backend categories list.
- Backend: Wrong url in backend side menu for field groups fixed.
- Backend: Uploaded files could not deleted in backend Files list.
- Backend: A problem with change target category in edit form fixed (assigned file symbol would be lost afterwards).
- Backend: Sometimes it was not possible to select for a Download another Download (with other language) as language association.
- Backend: In the logs list was it impossible to add an IP to the banned list.
- Frontend: A problem with the jDownloads content plugin and the edit symbol in frontend module was fixed.
- Frontend: Small css fix for Protostar template in combination with frontend editing modal window.

### Removed
- Backend: Some not longer required old images removed from /images folder

## [] - 2020-01-14
Public Beta 5 published.

### Added
- 2 new File type icon sets.
- 52 new Folder icons.
- 2 new Smart Search plugins (for jD Downloads and jD Categories).
- Backend: A column for the categories description added in the categories list. The text is displayed via a tooltip symbol.
- Backend: A Refresh button in the control panel toolbar added. Useful after every Monitoring action to see the results in the control panel.
- Backend: Credits added in the Info page.

### Changed
- Backend: Frontend tab options in configuration reorganizated and improved.
- Backend: In the license list is now viewed a possible link to an external license text as URL and can be opened directly in a new browser window.
- Installation: During an upgrade from version 3.2 to 3.9 will be installed now also the new layouts from 3.9.
- The functions to get a shorter (truncated) string would be improved.

### Fixed
- jdownloads_custom.css removed from package to prevent an overwriting the existing ones.
- Frontend: The 'Sort Order' bar has not work correctly in the 'All Downloads' view.
- Frontend: The w3.css file could not be loaded correctly. Updated also to the newest version.
- Frontend: A lot of corrections in the jdownloads_fe.css

## [] - 2019-11-24
Public Beta 4 published.

### Added
- Backend: A column for the assigned preview file added in the Downloads list
- Backend: Added the possibility to open the preview file in a special modal window in the Downloads list
- Backend: Added a Lightbox functionality for the assigned images in the Downloads list
- Backend: New option added to view a 'featured' Download with another background color
- Layouts:  Additional multi column layout for the subcategories view added 
- Layouts:  Two additional more compact layouts for the Downloads view added
- Layouts:  New layout placeholder {information_header} added and the corresponding language key

### Fixed
- Frontend: Small CSS file corrections
- Frontend: Files title in rated module fixed
- Backend: Pagination (type ALL) fixed in Downloads list

## [] - 2019-10-22
Public Beta 3 published.

### Fixed
- Activation of the 'Display add/upload icon' option in the 'User Groups Settings' fixed
- The Lightbox script works now also when the Tree Module is activated
- Small CSS correction for frontend (.jd_categories_title_v46)

### Changed
- The Lightbox script updated to Lightbox v2.11.1 (
- The early Lightbox tag (in jD layouts) will now be replaced with the new syntax. So multi images in a single Download will be viewed as (leaf throug) image sets.

### Removed
- The additional Lightbox sub folder in the content plugin (not more required)

## [] - 2019-10-11
Public Beta 2 published.

### Added
- Part to insert language key text {de-DE} ...  {/de-DE} in layouts

### Fixed
- A small bug in the categories default.php (the 'after' layout text field was not added to the output)
- Wrong sortorder for 'file language' select box
- The category creation process to make a title like 0 possible
- Fix to update the 'modified' date correct
- The form name in the backend Download edit form (the file pic is now displayed again)
- 'sprintf' string corrected for 'User Limit Messages' (so that floating-point numbers are now correct displayed)

### Changed
- Upgrade messages in language files
- Items for 'Platform' select box updated in language files
- Permissions changed for 'layouts' in the backend to core.manage
- Will be tried to view 'a not allowed Download' is now redirect to the login url

### Removed
- jdownloads_config.xml in jDownloads Falang folder (not more required)

## [3.9.0] - 2019-09-07
First public beta release published.
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