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Help with icon
« on: 24.01.2019 04:15:33 »
I have customized icon in components/com_jdownloads/assets/images/* and copied all new icon in /images/jdownloads/
All works good for images in /images/jdownloads/ subfolder but for every update Jdownloads replace file in components/com_jdownloads/assets/images/* and it doesn't use files in /images/jdownloads/ folder root.
Jdownloads consider only subfolder in /images/jdownloads/
For all other images it still to use for example /components/com_jdownloads/assets/images/upload.png also if I have /images/jdownloads/upload.png
Re: Help with icon
« Reply #1 on: 25.01.2019 13:28:31 »
The images in components/com_jdownloads/assets/images/ are used internally by jDownloads and, as you say, are overwritten on every update.  Those images in the subdirectories of Images/jdownloads are not overwritten, again as you say.Presumably you are only interested in those images used in the front end view.
It would be helpful if you could do a screen shot to show which images/icons you would like to be able to change.

Colin M