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Title: Ignoring Active Layout
Post by: chepp on 31.05.2021 14:37:24
My installation is ignoring the Downloads "Active" setting. No matter which active layout is selected I get the same result on the page (see attached screenshot). "Activate direct-downloading" is set to Yes, and "View Download detail page" is set to no.

If I enter just "{jd_file file==2100}", I get the same layout regardless of which download layout is active.

If I specify the layout "{jd_file onlinelayout==Article List - No Description}{jd_file file==2100}", I get the correct layout.

I have the same issue whether I use the category layout ("{jd_file category==227}") or linking to individual downloads. I tried using different articles (in case something elsewhere in the article was the issue) and different downloads (in case something was something wrong with the download) but without change. I only have to manually add the layout to the first download it applies to all the downloads on the page, but I believe that is an expected behavior.

Any ideas on why I'm seeing the wrong default layout?

- Joomla! 3.9.27
- jDownloads Version

Title: Re: Ignoring Active Layout
Post by: ColinM on 31.05.2021 17:06:43
HiThe Content plugin has its own selection for a default layout. Go to Options - Content Plugin tab  select from the 'Default Layout' pulldown.
See (
ColinPS jDownloads has many user selectable options so often challenging to find the right one!! :)
Title: Re: Ignoring Active Layout
Post by: chepp on 31.05.2021 17:27:14
Ah - that was it. Thank you