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Title: List by changed date
Post by: pubdown on 16.03.2021 19:52:50
I want to list all of my downloads by last change date.   Please help to advise how can I do that?
Thanks for your help!
Title: Re: List by changed date
Post by: ColinM on 17.03.2021 13:50:21
HiYou can do this in the Last Updated Module but not in the main displays.  Think it could be useful to have this as another facility.
Presently working on the 3.9.8 update which will be after the bugfix update.
I am sure you would still want users to see those Downloads that have not been modified, especially the new ones!

In the present listings of Downloads it can show a modified flag but for this to appear you have to mark the update as having been modified.  Can avoid that and just list those Downloads with a Modified date.  But beware if showing say a subcategory where no modifications have been made to any of its downloads then nothing will be shown.  Not sure if you would want that.
Perhaps an alternative is to have a new Menu item like the List all Downloads but as List all modified Downloads.
Could you let us know which might be the preferable way as you see it.
Title: Re: List by changed date
Post by: pubdown on 17.03.2021 14:26:12
Thanks very much!
I do want to show new and recently updated downloads in the main displays.  I hope we can see this feature in the coming releases.
Title: Re: List by changed date
Post by: ColinM on 17.03.2021 16:55:40
I think that what you want is to show which Downloads have been updated with a symbol such as illustrated in attached pic.This is already available.  Plese see
but also when you are modifying as well as setting the date you also have to set the  'Mark Download as Updated' on the Download edit form