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[SOLVED] {jd_file file==3} not parse
« on: 17.12.2017 15:06:46 »
Hello, first sorry i'm completly new to joomla (10 year with chineses CMS)

i'm tryning to make a download file fir my users , upload file work like a charm, plugin enable and activate

i'm using ckeditor and when i'm click on download button it write the {jd_file file==3} but when i'm saving and see my article there 's no download link it show me {jd_file file==3}

What i'm doing wrong ? i  read that i must put in plugins file link only 3.2 , i enable it but no luck i won't work anf try all the others and none work!!

Any help will be appreviate.

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Re: {jd_file file==3} not parse
« Reply #1 on: 17.12.2017 15:12:46 »
Solved by myself sorry when i migrate my site i forgot to activact jdownload content and now it work like a charm

Sorry for newbie post.