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We all know that Android and iPhone smart phones are running on the different system. Maybe  you can transfer data between two android phone easily .But for android and iOS ,you can not transfer data between android and iPhone. Apple Inc. can not allow you do this . However, if you think the change of mobile phone ,in fact it is not just a change of brand. When you're change android operating system to iOS system. You will find it is annoying thing that you can not move android phone data to iPhone easily . Especially the contact information on your android phone .
In most situations, contacts (including phone numbers, email address, etc.) can be considered as one of the most important data on android phone. Otherwise, you may want to move messages ,photos,videos,apps etc from android to iPhone. If have one way to move android phone to iPhone with one click, no matter android operating system to iOS system? The answer is absolutely YES.

Move to iOS app is a powerful yet easy-to-use third-party program. It is a useful transferring tool to switch data between any two devices, such as Android ,iPhone iPad. Move to iOS app can effortlessly copy android data like contacts, text messages, call logs, videos, music, photos ,apps to iPhone devices without doubt. 

How to move android apps to iOS devices
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Re: Move to iOS - How to move android data to iOS devices
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You can try
Tenorshare iAny Transfer . It can transfer data between iOS devices and Android phone/tablet .


       I know it from : http://www.any-data-recovery.com       :)
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To transfer contents between android phone and iphone, Coolmsuter Mobile Phone Transfer can be very helpful.
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If you do not have the patience and also knowledge or both to follow some complex methods, you have the most safe and easiest method of relying on a phone transfer application like Phone to Phone Transfer, with the help of which you can transfer contacts from Android to iPhone within just a single click. Do you think that this application will help you with transfer of contacts alone? No, besides contacts, you can transfer many other data from your iPhone to Android like text messages, call logs, music, photos, calendar, applications and video. Even if you own iPhone 6s (Plus) and Android 6.1 device, this data transfer is possible with this phone transfer. It does not mean that you can transfer just name and contact number, but everything that you have saved in the contact list like job title, company name, email and any other detail that you have saved under each of your contact will be transferred without any data loss.
If you have been using an Android phone for these many years and now you have purchased an all-new iPhone 6 plus and you want to transfer text messages from the Android Phone to iPhone, you might be thinking about the ways to transfer messages between these two phones. This is where an effective phone transfer tool can be of great help to you. Mobile Transfer is application that will help you with phone to phone transfer with just a single click. This is a desktop application that can safely copy your text messages from Android to iPhone, but besides text messages, it will help you with transfer of videos, music, photos, calendars, call logs, contacts and even application between phones. You can just try this application for free to test its effectiveness in data transfer.
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It is one my favorite apps for data transfer. However, this app seems not working properly on the old Android devices. So you need to find another tool to transfer android contacts to iPhone. Mobile Transfer is the best among them.
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Re: Move to iOS - How to move android data to iOS devices
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You can download programs like Samsung transfer tool  that help you transfer data from android to iphone  . Scan, preview and transfer . Simple clicks can help transfer data from phone to phone.
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To transfer data from android to iphone, you should use a mobile phone transfer app to help, you should connect iphone and andorid to computer at the same time and you need to make sure the android in the source position while the iPhone is displayed in the destination position.
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Re: Move to iOS - How to move android data to iOS devices
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Want to move android data to iPhone including music, photos, sms, contacts and other data, you can use the mobile transfer tool for help, it can solve your issue, see the solution: how to transfer data from android to iOS.
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transfer data from Android to iPhone, iPad and iPod
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It is not surprising to find that many mobile users are looking for solutions to "how to transfer from Android to iPhone" not only because of iPhone 7 but also because iPhone 8 is launching this September. A lot of Android users can't wait that long and are willing to stand in a long queue. When you get the new iPhone, the next most important thing is transfer data from Android to iPhone. You can use a third-party app to do that so you won't have too much trouble.