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ich habe im Backend in den Einstellungen die Bewertungen deaktiviert, im Frontend werden die Skipte ajaxvote.js und ajaxvote.css trotzdem immer mit geladen.

Die Lightbox- und Flowplayer-Skripte werden beim Deaktivieren der entsprechenden Funktion nicht mehr geladen.
Warum klappt das nicht beim Ausschalten der Bewertungen?

Carsten Thoms

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My German is very rudimentary so I have used Google Translate which says
I have in the backend disabled in the settings the reviews, in the front end are the Skipte ajaxvote.js and yet always with ajaxvote.css loaded.

 The Lightbox- and Flowplayer scripts are no longer loaded when you disable the corresponding function.
 Why this does not work when you turn off the reviews?

Please excuse my questions as I am trying to understand better - think the translation above may not be the best!

in the backend disabled in the settings the reviews
Does that mean you have disabled  jComments in Configuration - FrontEnd tab setting Support JComments?to No  (it is at the end of the FrontEnd page)

in the front end are the Skipte ajaxvote.js and yet always with ajaxvote.css loaded
Not sure I understand.  Are you saying you removed the {rating} placeholder in the Files Layout?  - it is the {rating} placeholder that causes the rating stars, which look like 5 * chars.   to appear.

Note that the rating stars are not related to jComments at all.

I think perhaps you are asking how to stop the ***** appearing.  If that is your question then make a copy of you present active Files layout (use Save and Copy) and then remove the {rating} placeholder.

Hope this helps


Having thought a bit further I think you may be as
Colin M
Hi Colin,

I have disabled the ratings in jDownload Configuration > Frontend > Activate ratings? > No. (see ratings.jpg)

But the files ajaxvote.js and ajaxvote.css are unnecessarily loaded anyway (see ajaxvote.jpg).

I have no {rating} placeholder in my layouts.

[gelöscht durch Administrator]
Because Ratings could be disabled or enabled at any time it is not feasible to remove/install the ajaxvote.js and ajaxvote.css   files dynamically.  But I will let Arno know your observations.  It maybe that the code and other overhead outweigh the effort caused by having the ajaxvote files loaded anyway!

I do not think this is really a bug as it does not stop things working properly - it is more of an 'enhancement'.

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Colin M
Is fixed in 3.2.39!
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Best Regards / Gruß
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