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Language FR

Started by bootpass, 14.05.2014 14:36:28

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Here is the beginning of tarduction en jdownload to put in ​​Jd 3.2.5 and integrate into the adminstrator directory> Language> fr-FR

I enclose an attachment if someone want to use

I translate files frontend soon

[gelöscht durch Administrator]


Good to do translation work.  Have you seen the transiflex system? If not would be good idea to contact Arno

The only language files that need translating at the moment are

Also, but will possibly change

Another person doing the French translation is Dode so it might ber useful if you contacted him - the Message system works well in this forum

Colin M


Better use the Transifex system to not do the job twice (or more), don't you think ?

I finished the FR frontend translation entirely, now doing the ~400 for the backend (on Transifex that is). Would be great if you can throw an eye to other modules and plugins ? Or do a complete reread of what has already been done ?
Sorry but i will not get the file attached up there, to match what needs change / addendum... Way too complicated for me...

FR pour Bootpass : essaye d'obtenir un accès à Transifex et de faire une relecture / corrections / améliorations de ce qui est déjà fait peut-être ? C'est vraiment histoire de gagner du temps, et de ne pas faire les mêmes choses plusieurs fois. Récupérer ton fichier de traduction et répercuter sur Transifex représente trop de boulot pour moi, honnêtement je ne le ferai pas... Aller, j'y retourne.