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Restore Lost Data for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Started by SarahYale, 13.02.2014 09:49:09

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When you are inloved in the following issues, like: mistakenly deleted data in their iPhones; old data lost from their iPhones when updating to latest iOS system; lost their iPhones. You can ask iPhone data recovery for help. It is a useful recovery device for almost all iPhone series: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the latest hot iPhone 5. It is even effective to recover iTunes backup files of iPad series. RecoveryTool extracts many kinds of files from your iPhone 5/4S iTunes backup easily. With the help of it, you can retrieve deleted or lost files from your iPhone 5/4S accordingly. You can recover data directly from iPhone 5/4S, or in another way, you can undelete sms iPhone as well.


From my own experience I know how difficult it is to recover data
I was helped by the Recuva program from Piriform (who also created CCleaner)
Recuva download free for Windows


Since someone has mentioned tenorshare's product, I figure it would be necessary to bring about its more budget competitor.
Joyoshare icloud backup extractor will help you recover the back up from icloud or itunes in a more orgnized and clear manner.
It will also recover from the device itself, if you don't have any backup.
Most importantly, it's cheaper than Dr.fone and tenorshare thing. So why pay extra price when you can get the same service with lower price?




Recovering lost data for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is not really responsible. Some data recovery tools can be used to recover them very well. I also lost photos on my iPhone two weeks ago, and I recovered them successfully with Geekersoft PhoneRescue.
For specific operations, please refer to this tutorial: How to recover permanently deleted photos iphone without backup.