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Restore Lost Data for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Started by SarahYale, 13.02.2014 09:49:09

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Have you ever forget to backup files to iTurnes Or for some reason your iOS crash cause you loss of all of your files, like SMS messages, contacts, photo and more ? How to recover lost data from iPhone devices, how to restore lost data from iPad or iPod touch?
In fact, all your lost files are still on you iOS device or iTunes(if you have backup),you can recover them thought a useful recovery software- Free iOS Data Recovery software. It is a powerful iPhone data recovery software helping you to bring back all lost data on your iOS devices, including messages, contacts, photos, videos, notes, etc.
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The iPhone Data Recovery software allows you to retrieve all lost data from your iOS device. It works in two different modes:" Recover from iOS Devices Directly" and "Recover from iTunes/iCloud Backup Files". Using this software to restore your lost data is almost as easy as getting your hair done ? just sit still and watch the magic hands.

Three Way to restore lost data from iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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Certainly. Actually, if you don't want to recover deleted data from iPhone, you can try recovering from iTunes backup. Because every time you sync with iTunes, iTunes will create a backup of your iPhone with the help of iPhone Data Recovery.
If you have enabled iCloud, every time, your iPhone is connected to Wifi and a power source, and the screen is locked, iCloud will automatically backup your photos. So you can recover deleted data from iPhone.


Hello. You can use a tool named iOS Data Recovery from Tenorshare to recover the lost data. You can use it to recover the lost data directly from your iOS device. Here are detailed steps:

Step 1. Connect iOS device to PC & Select "Reccover Data from iOS Device"
First make sure your iOS device is switched on and connect it to PC with USB cable. Next launch iOS Data Recovery on your PC. The program will detect your iOS device. You'll then get a pop-up window asking you to tap "Trust" on your iOS device to trust this computer.

Step 2. Start scanning iOS device for lost data
When the software detected your iOS device, it will show you the interface as follows. Click "Start Scan".

Step 3.Preview contacts, SMS, notes, photos, etc.
Now all scanned files are on the program listed according to category. You can choose to "Check all" or "Only display the deleted items" and then decide which to recover. To save time, you can just selectively recover those you need.

Also if you have backuped the data with your iTunes you can follow the steps below:

1. Run the software and choose "Recover Data from iTunes Backup Files". It will automatically detect all the iTunes backup files in your computer. Tap the backup you need and click "Start Scan" button on the program interface to scan your itunes backup.

2. After scanning, the contents of your iOS device will be shown in categories in the left sidebar. Usually the scanning will take a few minutes or so. You can check to preview details of each category, check files you need and click on "Recover".

You can also restore the lost data from iCloud with the similar steps. If you haven't backuped them you'd better to choose recover directly from iOS Device to recover it.


If you periodically back up your iPhone to your computer, you can also restore all of your iPhone data, from an iTunes backup. Plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB cable and launch the iTunes software. Click on the "File" menu, hover over "Devices," and select "Restore from Backup." Choose the backup with the desired timestamp and click "Restore."
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Get one ios data software first .Please download the free trial version from Coolmuster iOSRescuer take a try. You can restore Lost Data for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch easily .
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Nice share friend.
I also know a software can recover iPhone data easily, including recover text messages from iPhone, recover notes, contacts, calendar and other data from iPhone, iPad, iPod. It can also recover data from iTunes/iCloud backup files. iPhone Data Recovery is this kind of software. It is also a iPad data recovery software. I have used it to recover imessages from iPhone. It worked perfectly.


Hey, thank you very much for sharing.
There are 3 ways to recover lost data from iPhone, iPad, iPod.
You can recover your lost/deleted data from iOS devices directly, iTunes backup files and iCloud backup files.
If you have backup files no matter from iTunes or iCloud, you can restore your iPhone with the backup files using iTunes. Also if you only want a certain kind of data, you need iPhone data recovery to help you. It can help you to extract any data from your backup files and recover them to your computer.
If you do not have backup files, you can only recover your data from iPhone directly. iPhone data recovery can help you to do this also. It can help you to recover notes from iPhone and also contacts, photos, text messages and imessages and other data easily.


Hey, it is really easy if you have itunes backup files and iCloud backup files to recover data from iPhone, iPod and iPod touch.
However, you can recover more data from your iPhone using iPhone data recovery. Here is a guide showing you how to recover deleted text messages from iphone.


Both of the above are paid apps, but you can try for free apparently.  Does anyone know if the free try version completes the work?
Colin M


There's also a data recovery software that employs a free app to restore your deleted data straight back to iPhone

Here's the tutorial: How to restore deleted data back to your iPhone

Works without the use of the internet as, once you have recovered deleted data with the SmartPhone Recovery PRO software, the data is sent to the free app through the usb connection cable. It's worth a try, as it's the safest restore method out there! guarenteed no harm to your iPhone or your data and settings. Saves you performing a compete iPhone restore to get your data back.


There are 3 ways you can recover you deleted/lost data from iPhone,iPad and iPod touch.
1. Recover data from iTunes backup file.
If you have iTunes backup files, you can restore data from iTunes backup files. Of course you can restore your iPhone with iTunes backup file via iTunes. But in this way, the data on your iPhone now will be wiped. You can also recover data from iTunes backup files using iPhone data recovery software. In this way, you can keep the data from your iPhone and get back the lost/deleted data.
2. Recover data from iCloud backup files.
This way is the same as the first one, you can restore your iPhone with iCloud backup file via iTunes and your data will be wipe. iPhone data recovery can retrieve the data you want and doesn't wipe the data on your iPhone now.
3. Recover lost/deleted data from iPhone
You can also recover deleted/lost data from iPhone directly. iPhone data recovery can recover deleted contacts from iPhone and also text messages, iMessages, photos, videos, reminder, notes and other data from your iPhone directly.


Before you recover deleted iPhone data on Mac, you should choose the right tool to help. iOS is a tightly closed system, though Apple allows iOS device users restore from iTunes backup, the restore will replace all data on iPhone with that on the backup. And Apple doesn?t allow you to recover data directly from iPhone, either. If you want to be free from these limitations, iPhone Data Recovery for Mac must be the best choice.

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MobiKin Doctor for iOS is the best and comprehensive data recovery software to recover up to 9 types of files like photos, SMS, contacts and more. No matter you have created backups of your iPhone or not, this tool enable you to restore lost data from iTunes backup or ios devices directly.