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Restore Lost Data for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Started by SarahYale, 13.02.2014 09:49:09

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iPhone, iPad, iPod are among the best selling mobile devices and Apple user numbers steadily increase in recent years. Apple offers numerous apps in Apple Store, its advanced technique and high standard user experience capture millions of Apple fans. However, problem comes as iTunes couldn?t meet all user requirements. One of the most urgent issues is ?how to restore lost data from iDevices? since Apple provides no solution for any files missing case. Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor is designed for recovering deleted camera roll, photo stream, videos, contacts, text messages, call history, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memo and safari bookmark from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Why Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor?
There are a diverse range of iPhone data recovery programs you can download from the Internet. But Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor is one of the most outstanding tools that you can never miss for the following reasons: 1.Risk-free and read-only, make no damage to your files and computer. 2. Recover almost all the lost files include photos, videos, contacts, notes, messages and more. 3. Support iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad3/ 2/1, iPod Touch 4 etc.

You must be considering about whether these data recovery softwares will harm your files or device or not. Applying a trustworthy program is by no means over-concern as you can?t afford suffering more loss. Some tool might be able to restore merely photos as per the user require. However, all device may crash and at the same time any data is at the risk of being damaged or removed. Retrieving only photos can no longer meet user demand hence more desirable functions are highly required. Of all iOS data recovery softwares, Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor is the ultimate troubleshooter.

Key Features
Restore data directly from iTunes backup without running iTunes.
Recover important files include photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes etc.
Support different models of iOS devices: iPhone 5c/5s/5/4s/4/3GS, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3/2/1 and iPod Touch.
Auto-scan, preview and selectively restoration.
Risk-free and read-only.


Performance and Reliability
Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor has won more than 150 awards as well as being regarded as a most efficient and guaranteed iOS data recovery program. It scans, reads, extracts and recovers data from iTunes backup that normally user won?t be able to access. Recovered files are saved stored in a folder on your computer which means you have another accessible backup.

If your daughter play on your iPhone and deleted the messages by mistake; if you are a entry-level iPad Air user who has accidentally reset your iPad to factory default; if your iPod crashes and need to retrieve music from iTunes Backup; if your iPhone dies and need urgent contacts recovery, you can?t miss Myjad iTunes Backup Extractor.   

You can watch the video tutorial below:
How to Extract iPhone Files from iTunes Backup

How to Extract iPad Files from iTunes Backup

Dowload Free Trial as Below:


I thought some iDevice user might need this data recovery software solution - Macgo Mac iPhone Data Recovery for it could get back photos, contacts, messages and call history on Mac platform. The most important is it is holding a giveaway for three month, which means you will get it completely free.


As long as you don?t disable the automatic sync option in iTunes with iPhone Data Recovery, it will automatically generate a backup for your iOS device when you plug your device into your Mac or PC, and the backup file updates along with your every sync. So it is certainly sure and easy to recover deleted files from iPhone. That is, you can recover your iPhone/iPad/iPod data from the recent iTunes backup whenever the data is missing.


In order to recover lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod, first of all, you'd better not continue operating your devices again, since the new data will overwrite the data you have already lost.

At this moment, you can search some iPhone data recovery software to scan your iPhone/iPad/iPod, to check the lost data can be recover or not.
As I know, iPhone Data Recovery is a better choice to recover deleted data. No matter you have backed up the data or not, you can attempt to get back the data.
If you have ever backed up your data to iTunes or iCloud. You can get back your lost data within several steps.
If you did not back up data, you'd better use iPhone Data Recovery to recover lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod directly.

However, iPhone Data Recovery is a better choice. Generally speaking, If you have not backed up the photos to iTunes and iCloud, it seems that there are no idea to recover them. As I know, iPhone Data Recovery can scan and recover photos from iPhone directly, which is suitable for those often forget to save important data.

It supports three methods to recover lost data:
Method 1: restore it from your iCloud backup
Method 2: extract it from iTunes backup
Method 3: recover it from iPhone/iPad/iPod directly

Read the tutorial to get more details.
How to Recover Lost data from iPhone/iPad/iPod.
It might be of use of you.


If you want to restore all lost or deleted data from iPod, iPhone or iPad then the only option left with you is to use a recovery software o that it can recover all the lost data. You should use iPod Touch 5 Data Recovery which is an excellent recover tool that can restore all the deleted data from iPod Touch. This software also supports the recovery of iPhone and iPad.


DO not wrooy if you lost data on your iPhone, even you did not backup before, with iPhone data recovery, you can directly recover lost data on your iPhone, see:

recover deleted text messages from iPhone
recover deleted contacts from iPhone
No matter you are using iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 4s, 4 or 3gs, you can recover data from the device
for iPhone 4/3GS, you need to enter the dfu mode before you can scan the device.
recover deleted photos from iPhone
If you have backup the data to your iTunes, you can restore them from iTunes backup.
recover deleted notes on iPhone


use this program called "Mobikin Photo Recovery". It is a powerful tool that recovers pictures, video files and audio that were deleted accidentally on devices like SD card, common in digital cameras and USB devices.
If you are using Mac OS X, try this recovery program called "Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac."



In fact, there are a wide range of softwares which can help you to restore lost data for iPhone, iPad devices. However, i stronngly recommend you a distinguished software among them, it's Jihosoft iTunes Backup Extractor Free, it is entirely free by contrast with others. Moreover, it still has any other adwantages. Please see below to get more information.


Check if you have iTunes or iCloud backup of your iPhone first, if you have either of them, then how to recover lost data from iPhone iPad iPod is a simple task.
iTunes and iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone even if have not done it manually:
iCloud automatically backs up the most important data on your iPhone on a daily basis as long as your device is:
Connected to the Internet over Wi-Fi
Connected to a power source
Screen locked
iTunes can create backups of your iPhone automatically when you sync with iTunes (disabled if you have iCloud backup turned on).

If you haven't had a time to back up before the deletion, or you just don't want to restore the whole iPhone with the backup file, here are the solutions:
how to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone
In this step-by-step guide, 3 methods to retrieve data on iPhone are introduced, including:
Recover directly from iPhone;
Recover under iPhone DFU mode;
Extract from iTunes backup
More Detail:
how to recover deleted photos from iPhone 4
how to restore contacts on iPhone


Losing data from iPhone is not terrible now. With the iPhone data recovery, you get three ways to restore iPhone, ipad, and iPod touch:
1.recover data from iPhone directly
2. recover data from iTunes backup
3. restore data from iCloud backup

So, no matter you made backup before or not, you can recover your data for your iOS device.

recover deleted voice memos on iPhone 5


There is also a way to recover deleted text messages and restore then straight back to the iPhone.
The solution is through the world's first restore app, called Restore funnily enough. It;'s available on the App Store on any iOS device.
It works only with the recovery software SmartPhone Recovery PRO. Here are the tutorials on how to use the software to recover and restore deleted text messages.

Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

Restore Deleted Text Messages to iPhone


iPhone Data Recovery allows users to recover deleted data from both iOS device (recently supports iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS) and iTunes backup (supports all iOS devices). It respetively provides Windows and Mac users simple and effective ways to reover deleted data

Now, let's us to see how to restore and export data from iPhone with this iPhone data Recovery program easily.
Tutorials 1: How to recover lost notes on iPhone
Tutorials 2: how to recover lost contacts on iPhone


To recover data from Samsung android phone,you can use a android data recovery

Here,I recommend you use this Android SMS+Contacts Recovery(Data Recovery for Android phone) is a great software to recover lost sms and contacts for Androids:

How to Restore Text Message from Samsung Galaxy?

The Android Data Recovery software is is a professional data recovery software and has been generally considered as a powerful and practical program for retrieving lost files from various memory media, such as Micro SD card, memory stick, USB drive, and so on.

How to Restore Deleted Photos from Samsung Phone

For iPhone: how to recover data from iPhone


Recommend you can use Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Mac, which can easily recover all lost data from iPhone, no matter you lost iPhone data due to iOS 8.2/8.1/8/7.1 updates, jailbreak, factory reset and other reasons.
This is the best I have used. It can recover 98% lost data