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Looking for a good lite Joomla theme and other help with site speed.

Started by TheHighTechSociety, 01.10.2012 07:25:39

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I am very much a newbie to making a website, so go easy on me if I say something stupid please... :) I am a writer but I decided to make my own site to write for, and like many people starting a blog I decided to go with Wordpress. I had not even heard of Joomla, so I should have researched better as I am now hearing a lot of people say that Joomla is better. My question is about site speed. I suppose whether or not you have Joomla or WP you will have themes that are heavier than others, but does anyone know of a good theme that they would recommend if I start a new blog with Joomla?

I will be building a sister site soon, and I would appreciate it if anyone can recommend some themes that would work for my style blog ( I have tech news, game reviews, etc...just a general tech blog.

Also, speaking about site speed. Any advice on hosts would also be appreciated. I have GoDaddy and they support WP, but my site gets dropped quite often and it's driving me crazy. I know my images can also be adding to my site being slow, so I am working on that as well. If anyone can tell me about a good provider that hosts WP and Joomla, I would also appreciate that.

If I am not supposed to post in here unless I already have Joomla, I apologize. Just looking for some advice on my site and Joomla. Thanks!
Kimberly Carver
The High Tech Society