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JDownloads has disappeared from the Backend Left Menu - [Fixed in 4.0.34]

Started by ShadowGrizzly, 30.09.2023 12:54:34

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after an update from 4.0.32 to 4.0.33 (succesful one said the log) I can non longer see the Jdownloads Component menu in the backend.
Still, Jdownloads is working, in front and in back, I can access the Parameters, the monitoring...
Since I have no access to backup I have not yet try to rerun an install
Any clue someone ?

System Information
PHP : 8.1.22
MySQL : 5.7.42-log
Joomla! : 4.3.4

2023-09-29 11:25:36 INFO ------------------------------------------------------ Update Started
2023-09-29 11:25:38 INFO Update started by user Julien (513). Old version is 4.0.32. New version is 4.0.33 Stable.
2023-09-29 11:25:43 INFO Modules succesfully installed/updated: 12.
2023-09-29 11:25:43 INFO Plugins succesfully installed/updated: 6.


Your backend is in French. jDownloads comes with English and German backend languages.  You need to download the French version.
Please see article
Actuall the jD French language pack is 77% translated.  When it needs a missing translation then it will automatically use English version of that text string.

It would be appreciated that if you find some missing strings and send us the English version and its French translation and which section it beloges to, such a the main admin,front end, a plugin or a module.  Further if you would like we can join you to the Transflex French translation group.
PS we anticipate solving the present translation system download 'challenge' due to the absence of a Joomla4 version of the cTransiflex component in the near future :) ;)
Colin M


Yes I'm aware of the french and incomplete translation :) I'm already registered on transiflex


Colin M


Problem solved with the 4.0.34 upgrade, the Backend menu is back !