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*** Please Read Before Posting ***

Started by Arno, 19.05.2014 20:08:44

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In order to get the help you need as quickly as possible, please include the following information in your post.

Title: Make it representative of the issue. Do not just say HELP.

Within the post please give this detailed informations:

- The Joomla! Release version!
- The used jDownloads version!
- System Information: PHP, MySQL and version numbers for each (important!)
- Whether your site is Localhost (XAMPP, WAMP for example).
- Make sure, that you have deactivated all Cache and Compress options in the Joomla configuration and template settings.

What is the problem in detail:
- What you were trying to do, what the errors were.
- What you have tried to solve the issue (changing settings).
- What searches you have done.
- Add screenshots to the post: A picture is often better than a thousand words! You can easy it submit as attachment.
- When it is needed , send a site link to the problem via PM
- If using specially Extensions (SEF addons as sample)
- If using the Joomla cache option

What settings are currently set and have been changed in the jDownloads configuration?

Read before the jDownloads documentation here.

Use the search function on these forums!

Normally I fix all posted (reproducible) posted bugs quickly. But please understand, that it is not always possible.
Fact is, that jDownloads is an open source and not a commercial project. Anybody Joomla user can download and use it for free. So when you need commercial support, you must also use a commercial (not free) extension!


You need modifikation or additional features?

Fact is, that every user has other wishes for the jD output or functionality. So it is not easy for me to comply all this wishes, and something it is not possible to do it only for a single user. When a user need very special functions, he can contact me via PM. So I can send him an offer.

I am always willing to make small modifications for free. But understand, that I need time for it.
Best Regards / Gruß
Please make a Donation for jDownloads and/or write a review on the Joomla! Extensions directory!