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I got a more advanced version of MySql from the provider (see attachment) to update Jdownload from 3.2.69 to
For some reason this error occurs:
jDownloads Upgrade not possible!

You want to upgrade jDownloads to version, but your current database MySQLi is version 5.5.62-38.14-log and is not supported. Please contact your web host to update your Database version to at least version 5.7.

Do you have any suggestions to fix this error?

thank you

Joomla 3.10.11
Jdownload 3.2.69
Php 7.4.30
MySql 5.7.39
It is a long time since I looked at this so I need to do some research again!!

I see you now have MySql 5.7.39 which is certainly above the minimum requirement.
jD does a check at the early stage of the upgrade and I see that the relevant part of the report is " but your current database MySQLi is version 5.5.62-38.14-log and is not supported".

It would appear that either jD is picking up the wrong information or the relevant location is not itself correct :(

I will set up a test site to do the upgrade to check where jD finds the info about the MySql version.

In the mean time could you please go to System - System Information and check which database version is shown

Colin M
thank for your help

Yes... I forgot to mention that the db version detected in sys info is 5.5.62-38.14-log  :o

so strange...

Think you need to set the correct info as I suspect that is what jD is picking up!
But I am not sure where tis is set!!
Colin M
 :-[ it was the silliest mistake I could make: for some reason filezilla hadn't uploaded the correct configuration.php and so Joomla was still pointing to the old db version 5.56 ...
I'm really sorry I wasted your time that you definitely could have spent on more serious things.

I upgraded but:
I don't seem to have seen the instructions for the second installation as per the instructions
I detect another error:
500 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 17

Better open another ticket for this?
Thanks for update.  Yes it would be good to start another ticket
Incidentally I found this link on checking database version

You may need to look for some other anomalies

Are you following the article below?

Colin M