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Disable for J4 update but retain settings and files?

Started by SITech, 25.11.2022 10:36:59

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If jdownloads is disabled (not uninstalled) while upgrading from J3.10.11 to J4.2.5, will jdownloads settings and files be retained so that when the J4 version is available it would pick up those settings and files without me needing to start over?


Yes the data is retained. It is important to deactivate all jDownloads Plugins before upgrading to Joomla 4. All other modules and the component itself can remain active.

Important: Before the later upgrade from jDownloads 3 to 4, the jDownloads component MUST be activated!

We hope to be able to release a first public beta perhaps next week.
Best Regards / Gruß
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The basic answer is Yes.  The only item you need to disable before the update is the jD System Plugin

Attached is a pdf file that I made whilst moving from Joomla! 3.10.11 with  jDownloads installed
(available at
to Joomla! 4.2.5. complete with the pre beta jD upgrade

Colin M