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Dear users/Moderators of JDownloads. Since yesterday after changing my Download folders and adding files via FTP. I am experiencing problems with the execution of "Check download area".
Already tried a few things, first I deleted all files and folders from JDownloads, hereafter also on outside the Joomla installation folder. To test I created a subfolder in a folder via FTP and placed some files in it. After a first attempt to JDownload "Check download area" it took a long time and nothing happened. I closed this and deleted the content in the database JDownloads FILES and JDownloads FOLDERS. After this JDwonloads reinstalled, but unfortunately it continues to work weird what I'm not used to. What it does indicate now is another message: The text goes over each other.

And it says it can't be found, even though it is on the server.

Have put a lot of time into the rendering and graphics changes and hope the backups I made earlier will help with this.

But what can I do at this point to check a few more things? Or should I really dramatically delete everything?

Maybe someone can hand me some tips and or ideas? All info is more than welcome.

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Hello all JDownloads maniacs.

I solved my problem, the only thing is that i still found another issue. But I will make a different post for it.

Many thanks.