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In a category view, the list of files is hidden. If we inspect the page and uncheck "visibility: hidden;" for class "jd_content_wrapper" the list of files appears and we can download files. This happens even with a public file in a public category in a public menu item.
We do have a menu item for "list all categories".

Is this a layout, css or settings issue?
Default layout for Downloads is "Standard Files Layout with Checkboxes v3.9"

Thank you
Re: jd_content_wrapper visibility is hidden in category view
« Reply #1 on: 21.05.2022 18:57:31 »
Found the problem.
At some point we had added custom css into the Joomla template that hid the file display, so we just commented it out.

Code: [Select]
.jd_content_wrapper {
 /*   visibility: hidden;