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Issues uploading PDFs
« on: 09.05.2022 21:42:01 »
Currently running Joomla 3.10.8 with jDownloads
I am also unable to upgrade any higher due to a mySQL limitation and goDaddy (they suck).

I recently attempted to create a new download of a pdf file. Once I click "Save" I'm transferred to a 404 error. When I view the actual directory the file is uploaded, however, the download is not actually created in jDownloads. When I attempt to scan the download directory I receive multiple new files found. I click 'make changes permanent' and I receive 'Failed to load 'rt_kraken' template: Please install Gantry 5 Framework!" I don't think these are directly related, but I do believe jDownloads is having an issue with my RocketTheme. I haven't been able to find anything else that could be related. Looking for some help. Thanks.
Re: Issues uploading PDFs
« Reply #1 on: 10.05.2022 12:21:27 »
Not sure I fully understand :(
I will send you a PM (Private Message)
Colin M