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Hello all,

I have a problem, that I want to import previously saved Layouts.

Get the following message:
Error, Cannot store the layout file in the /_tempzipfiles folder.

I think this has to do with my "Path settings", which are set as follows:
Upload directory path *: /home/public/sites/dbcom-data
Preview files directory name *: _preview_files
Temporary directory name *: _tempzipfiles

Does anyone have any idea what I should change in my "Path settings" ?

did you change the standard path settings in the jDownloads options? Or change any folder name on the server manually?

Does anyone have any idea what I should change in my "Path settings" ?
You shold have here the correct folder names. Compare this with the folders on your server via FTP and correct it.
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I recently removed JDownloads in totaly, first from Joomla, then the remaining items in the database (phpmyadmin).
After that I did a whole new JDownloads installation from within Joomla. I created a folder via FTP, in my case this is the folder "dbcom-data" and it is outside the Joomla environment "/home/public/sites/dbcom-data".

Also change the path settings: Upload directory path * /home/public/sites/dbcom-data

In the path settings there are two left, which are set as shown below:
Preview files directory name * _preview_files
Temporary directory name * _tempzipfiles

Maybe I am forgetting something?

All information is more than welcome so that I can import my old layouts again (xml files).
Think you should Remove jDownloads using Uninstall.  Then Reinstall as normal but do not change the the upload directory path

Your location /home/public/sites/dbcom-data is an external location.

You can set to uplda files from an external location to create downloads

Layouts are internal - you should be able to load the xml files.  From the jD Control Panel choose Layouts.  At the top of the Layouts page there is an Import Button

Colin M