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Menu item how to choose layout?
« on: 14.12.2021 09:54:21 »
With the layout function we have to option to create multiple lay-outs. But how to actually use the different layouts?

In the content plugin you can set templates, but if i create a menu item there seems to be no option to choose the layout that i want to use. Or am I missing something?
Re: Menu item how to choose layout?
« Reply #1 on: 14.12.2021 11:51:13 »
I think you are missing something :) .
When using jD there maybe multiple layouts types involved in the view on the screen.  jD uses the active layout in the relevant type.  There are 7 different types of layout, each type usually has a selection of which is the active one.

Article https://www.jdownloads.net/documentation-for-v3-9/layouts-v3-9/which-layout-is-used-where gives some indication of how the different layout types interact to produce the final view. 

Colin M
Re: Menu item how to choose layout?
« Reply #2 on: 22.12.2021 15:00:07 »
As you mention, 'jD uses the active layout', there’s seems to be noway to use the nonactive layouts.
Making it possible to also be able to select non default is a great opportunity to fully use the power of the template functionality.

For example, I want to do this:
menuitem 1, show a category in default layout (named: layout1)
menuitem 2, show another category in a  non default layout (named: layout2)

At one menuitem want to I want to use columns, show the category with other fields and remove the up navigation button etc.
Re: Menu item how to choose layout?
« Reply #3 on: 22.12.2021 18:51:40 »
Hi Tazzios,
it exist already the possibility to use the jD content plugin with different layouts.
See pic.

Maybe could this help?
Best Regards / Gruß
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Re: Menu item how to choose layout?
« Reply #4 on: 23.12.2021 10:03:23 »

Hi Tazzios
Presently there is no way to be able to dynamically select which layout is to be used with a particular view.
In many views multiple layout types are used.  Whilst there are similarities with a Template, in many cases a single layout is not for the entire view on screen
Colin M