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If someone is interested, I have made a little hack of Jdownloads v3.9 in order to filter your downloads by tags directly from Jdownloads.

OPEN : /components/com_jdownloads/models/downloads.php

Look for this line  :

Code: [Select]
$query->from('#__jdownloads_files AS a');            
Add this code just after :

Code: [Select]
if(isset($_GET['tag']) && !empty($_GET['tag'])){
        $query->join('INNER', '#__contentitem_tag_map AS t on a.id = t.content_item_id');
        $query->where('(t.tag_id = '.(int)$_GET['tag'].') AND (t.type_alias = \'com_jdownloads.download\')');

How it works ? From the 'All Downloads' page, append this argument tag= to your URL
Example : www.exemple.com/downloads/all/?tag=5 (where 5 is your Joomla tag ID).

Now you can create a button link with your favorites tags in your Jdownloads layout.
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Sound interesting.  Could you please send a pic of what the output looks like please.
Presently Tags are shown with the Download, if you click on a tag then it lists all the Downloads with that tag using the Tags Component.
Colin M
Hi Colin,

The output is the normal outpout of JDownloads, try my hack you will see. (It's not the output of com_tags)

It will output on this page like any other downloads : index.php?option=com_jdownloads&view=downloads

Thank you
Are you saying it effectively turns it into a "list Downloads by Tag"?Colin
Colin M
Yes absolutely,

It even make the categories obsolete, because now you can use tags instead.
Will talk with Arno about this as really it would need to be a new option with its own menu item etc. It would be a good addition I think as "List Downloads by Tags"  - Iwill move the topic to 'Suggestions'

Colin M
This is a really amazing feature. I hope it gets added. Thanks for sharing it!

In the meantime though, is there a way to make an SEF URL and title for each tag page? Otherwise, it's not too great for SEO.
Hi Rikoo,
please use never a hack like yours. This would be very dangerous. You should never use unfiltered GET data for a database query!